Model:Samples Feature Requests Thread


My usual request since the DT, DN, and now M:S.

Kit copy + Kit paste.


How about a Transfer app for iOS/Android? It would be super awesome to be able to load samples from my phone.


How bout straight up independent kits as an optional setting. :slight_smile:


YES! I need for Android!


Sure, that would be ideal for my uses and yours, but that may be too complex for some and go against the simplified concept, though even my simple $300 TT-606 has kits :smiley:

I think Kit copy/paste is a worthy stop gap implementation between the simplified small boxes and the more technically capable bigger boxes.


I know… :smile:
Alright, I’ll get behind your copy/paste, it’s better than nothin and way more likely to be implemented. +1! :slight_smile:


Attack ENV
Sample locks
Increase sample rate to 96khz


I’d love sample locks and song mode (or the ability to save even the one chain), but I don’t think they’re going to happen.

What I would like to see are some enhancements/improvements on the existing features:

  • Adjustable velocity sensitivity on the T pads (I’ve had to turn on FVel so I’m not bashing the pads)

  • Conditional Retrigs, so you can set a chance percentage or fill condition on the retrig of a step.

  • The ability to assign the touch sensitivity on the T pads to something other than velocity - like retrig rate or any of the parameters (pitch, cutoff, reverb send, etc)

  • Smaller font or scrolling on folder and sample names longer than 7 characters, so they fit on the screen.

  • Parameter lock Pan setting per step

  • Finer control over Track Scale than the 7 values we have now (preferably the ability to set BPM per track, but more fraction values would do).


Drum synthesis :smiley:


Oh, one other thing. You know the way the Parameter lights illuminate to show you what P Locks you have set on a given step? I’d like to see that for parameter settings on Tracks too, so I can select a track and instantly see that it’s had its Pitch changed or delay added or whatever.


sampler…not synth :frowning:

CORRECTION…sample player


I just wanted to echo some Digitakt stuff


Sample the DT and load em in the MS :slight_smile: BOOM!
Not ideal…but itll werk.


I meant the request for drum synthesis on the DT


Using single-cycle waves you can achieve something similar already with the DT.

But I have a very strong suspicion that the next “Model:” device they will release will be based on the Rytm - just drum synthesis without sampling. Maybe called Model:Drums or something like that. It kind of makes sense, since the M:S is like the sampling half of the Rytm. That could be a very cool little box, sort of like the old Electribe ER-1 but with way more control.


In the MS request forum!?!?! :exploding_head:
Ya…what @soundxplorer said :slight_smile:


Overbridge 2 support:–the hardware architecture allows for this


It was a meme


Only thing I’d like to see is the trigger buttons be assignable to things other than chromatic pitch. Almost like 16 levels mode on an MPC. The idea being they could be 16 different start points, or 16 different cutoff values, etc.

Oh and also func+decay for attack.


Wow… The peeps here have pretty high demands… How about having a simple “Save chain” functionality?