Model:Samples Feature Requests Thread


And me, a reader of manuals for gear I have no intention of buying :rofl:

Still, great lesson and advocates the classic RTFM in-joke!


I just found out that you can rename folders with the transfer app. And when you put for example a “-” before your folders they will show up first before the factory folder.


@Dr.K I only tried once and couldnt get rename to work inside transfer. You did it on the screen where your device is on the left and MS on the right?


Yeah I tried that trick using ‘AAA’ and it saves time a treat, I posted it somewhere here but it’s easy to get lost in these threads.
She’s a model and she’s looking good!


You do it on the ‘explore’ tab area, just select so file it’s highlighted and right click and rename, so yeah when you can see the ms content on the right hand window.


Hmm yeah I did that it gave me an option for rename but wouldn’t let me rename anything… I’ll try again. Thanks for the response


Once you select rename you can only navigate the file name with the keyboard. If you try to click on the text anywhere it cancels the rename.


Okay that makes sense I guess I’ll try that… I appreciate the response. another thing I noticed I couldn’t get done either was making a new folder from that same window. I could create the folder but I couldn’t move any of the samples to it


+1 for detuning (func + pitch) and attack (func + decay). I’m tired of using up my one lfo for longer attacks. It would also be great if func + length would fine adjust the length instead of jump to larger intervals. I realize that these parameters are not floating point like the Digi series, but I imagine there must be a way to fine tune with integer representations?


Maybe some RETRIG ALL type action for some live performances could be a good thing?

  1. To be able to view used and remaining sample drive space
  2. To be able to set default sample location in browser tree which you locate to each time you click load sample. IE. Use last loaded sample location, Use start of file tree, Use location of sample being replaced etc.
  3. To be able to match a sample loop to the tempo via pitch.
  4. Scrolling sample/folder name text or smaller text so you can actually see what you’re trying to load.
  5. Drop samples directly to trigger pads from transfer program.


This! Especially if class-compliant, so I can record into iPad. I would pay an extra $50 for this!


I have a ton of field samples on my iPhone. Would love to be able to transfer those directly to the model:samples.


Hi, Time stretch and memory expansion.


Sample Lock! I bought it but I miss it a lot!
Tracks button sensitive is too low!


Attack phase for the amp envelope. It’s really the only thing I miss compared to the Digitakt, and though it can be done with the LFO I’d rather use the LFO for other things.


I’ll echo what other have said, but I’d like:

  • Fine tuning of pitch (funtion + pitch)
  • Control of attack (function + decay)
  • Fine sample start point adjustment (function + sample start) or a way to snap to 0-crossing point
  • Fine length adjustment (function + sample length) or a way to snap to 0-crossing point
  • Song mode ala Machinedrum (a list of patterns with number of repeats, start and end, which can be saved in the project)
  • A step retrigger settings should be the same as the track’s retrigger settings by default
  • Adjustment of pad response
  • A way to see how much drive space is used




Please allow:

  1. Midi to pass from DIN input to USB out.
  2. Midi “OUT+THRU” functionality.
  3. Fills control via Midi in, and the data itself sent via Midi out.


Great idea for function and decay for attack. I’d also like to see an option to change midi velocity out of a track to mod or any cc#.