Model:Samples Feature Requests Thread


Yeah, member of the EU until the end of March :cry:


Retrig button remote control over midi CC


Recording live using retrig is kind of flawed right now- if you ride the pads to try and make it velocity dynamic, anything but 127 presses are barely audible. It’s there but almost impossible to hear.

For instance on high hats, I thought it would act like a note repeat and record each hit as a trigger, but it all gets recorded under one trig. Dunno if that’s clear to anyone reading.

What I’ve done instead is just put a high hat on each trig and then live record volume+distortion knob turning as a makeshift velocity solution. It works well! Just wish recording using retrig was a little different than it is.


Totally agree. It’s very hit and miss if you record retrigs live. I hope they’ll fix it.


Yeah it’s definitely pretty weird.

I will say I do like the pads. They are small and kind of squishy in a nice way.


It’s only a minor thing but it annoys me that when i clear a track sound or the whole pattern data it always loads the same 6 stock sounds into the track slots. I’ll get over it but a total empty pattern would be nice.


you could always save a blank pattern and load that to start fresh…but I hear what yer saying.


That’s right. Good idea!


Maybe i’m too stupid to find it but i’m missing the option to pan only a certain step. When i press and hold a trig the trig menu opens and i can’t change the panning anymore. I can only change the panning for the whole track or use pan as a lfo destination.


need to be in GRID RECORD mode


No, unfortunately that doesn’t work.


I’d love sample locking like everyone else, but otherwise no complaints so far. I was up and running in minutes.




Yeah, like I said, there was virtually no reason to look at the manual (so far, at least). It’s really quite easy to get something going in a hurry. There’s something inspiring and playful about this machine… Mind you, I won’t be giving up my Digitakt or Octatrack, but I am quite happy to use this alongside either. There are a lot of friends to whom I could (and will) recommend this one. It’s the very definition of “cheap* and cheerful”.

(*cheap as in price, not cheap as in cheaply built - it actually seems quite solid).


Since upgrading to the new firmware the trig menu opens when you hold a trig button and the value knob won’t affect pan in this menu.
I can’t remember if it was possible before to set pan for each step.


Arp on chromatic retrig


Im holding off on buying it until it has an attack envelope, odd design decision on what seems like an otherwise super well designed unit.


Elektron fanny pack


Instant Pattern-Jump Option


Not quite a nice M:S 80s styled fanny pack but there will be this (ECC-5). Something like a sleeve/carry bag. Can only find this image. Price unknown.