Model:Samples Feature Requests Thread


A way to CTRL ALL, then bounce back to original settings after you let go of CTRL ALL with out going FUNC PATTERN. If i had a 3rd hand, that would work. Or am i missing something in settings/ another shortcut?


Plus one on that, sounds streamlined


Maybe holding PATTERN and ctrl all TRACK, that would make sense. to bounce back after holding.


Yup, I think all those requests (except possibly the last one) are very much doable while still keeping the machine in the ‘simple and playful’ realm.

I loaded up a drum loop I had made on the desktop, thinking I’d slice it up using p-locks, but the loop/hits were ever so slightly off. I’m thinking that function+start/end should let you fine tune by say 0.25, so if I have a snare hit starting a few ms south of 40, being able to dial in 40.25/40.50/40.75 would alleviate mucho pain.

Anyway, the only other request I have is the adjustable velocity sensitivity. I have to keep it on fixed velocity until I can tailor the pads to my fingers as well as the plastic they rest on, as…I have…neighbors. :persevere:

Oh and stereo throughput on the Digitakt so I can daisy chain my Elektron boxes without leaving the M:S in the cold. Yup…



Though, I’m guessing it’s a hardware issue, so would most likely have to wait for a mkII unit? This has probably been figured out somewhere else on this forum…


Have a Conditional trig option of 100%, so I can be (100%) sure that a trig will always sound when I’m playing around with a < 100% Chance setting on the track. I know, 99% SHOULD be fine, but you can’t be sure…


I just found out that if you use CTRL ALL with only one parameter you can bounce back with the back (pad menu) button if you don’t wait longer than 2 or 3 seconds.


After a week using this, my top requests would be:

  • Pad sensitivity (or even a kit to soften them?). Have already gone on about this enough, but yeah, those pads aren’t getting any better to use :frowning:
  • 6-track recording via USB - no idea how feasible this is, but would be a massive QoL improvement when recording to a DAW.
  • Attack!


Ability to switch the start parameter to a transient detector/slicer
More types of filters bp/hp notch/lp


DELETE ALL UNUSED SAMPLES - After you load this thing up with 1GB worth of samples, and go to town for a while creating sick beats, you decide you want to spice things up with some new samples you just acquired from the dude under the bridge. Unfortunately, the memory is full. You know that you aren’t using all of the samples on the machine, and what an arduous task it would be to go through every pattern, and every sequence, and try and figure out which samples are being used, and which ones you can delete. So you go in settings, or maybe it’s part of the Transfer app, you sync it up, and click the button - DELETE ALL UNUSED SAMPLES. Boom. Magic. It’s a great maintenance/housekeeping tool that will save people countless hours.


Is there a way to delete the factory folders they’re annoying me lol


Unfortunately not. :frowning:


I’m drawing a blank trying to find this in the manual:

Is there a way to set a default folder/set of samples for when I start a new pattern? I’d like not to have to navigate back down to root every time I want to access my own samples.


Oh dang that’s wild bummer town :confused:


Razor request for the Nokia model this thread is hilarious never hurts to ask so my request …option to delete the factory sound folders


Yeah the ‘3back and 1scroll up’ to get to my stuff really gets my goat!
The Model should just open in the last folder when you open the wave menu so at least you can be in your own file structure.


Yeah it sucks. But at least you can hold the back button and it will go to the root menu.


Purge I think it was called on the MPC, remove all unused samples loaded to RAM.
I like the sound of your dude under the bridge, some kind of audio goblin!



Dudes got the sickest one shots and single cycles.


Ah, he’s a single cycle peddler :rofl: