Model:Samples build quality

The Func button on my MS kept sticking down. I would have to flick it with my finger to pop it back up. It started happening more and more, so I exchanged it for a new one, and it happened again. Also the unit in the store had a func button collapse. They took it off the display. I traded in for a digitakt. It was a good move because it gives me more options for my live project, but I’m really missing the pads. It would really help out to have those portable pads for my show, and I liked the fun feel of the unit, but because of my experience with the quality of the buttons I’m scared to try again. In response to my ticket I was told it has never happened, and then later was told it has hardly ever happened. I’ve since discovered a reddit thread where others have had similar issues. Anyone else having issues yet with buttons, or any other parts of the hardware?


My ninth trigger on the sequencer gets stuck. Like all the time.


Model S is cheap and not good in quality


Saw a couple of people posting with issues regarding the underneath of the case not closing properly. Personally I haven’t had any issues at all with mine.

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Same with the FUNC button. From time to time it gets stuck and i have somewhat like a one hand mute option. :sweat_smile:
It never got seriously stuck tho.

Mine! :frowning:

You could get a cheap MPD and use it with the DT. They really arent that big or heavy and they are cheap so its a good alternative that wont break the bank.

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Can you explain what you mean? Akai MPD are usb devices and do not have midi (or at least mine doesn’t) How would one use a usb only device with DT? I have one that I could use if that option exists. Thanks!

you just need a adapter for USB to 5 pin midi. Or you could just route it through your daw if you dont mind using a computer.


bigger MPDs have minijack MIDI IIRC (MPD 226 & 232 models). You should be able to connect these to the M:S straight with a standard “aux cable” ie 3.5mm TRS cable, no dongles required.

“issues regarding the underneath of the case not closing properly.”

I suppose it is the very thin gap around the corners of the machine… mine has it too

Did someone ask elektron support if this is “normal”?

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Haven’t had a single issue with mine, just as a counterpoint here. I know that some Digis had some sticky buttons. They could be replaced, or just naturally worn into non-stickiness. The M:S buttons are slightly different though. IMO the build quality is actually pretty good, even great on the M:S, but then there are tolerances with manufacturing, and the M:S is relatively new. I would guess Elektron would offer support for this stuff, and probably tighten things down as things go forward. I could just be lucky here, but then, I haven’t had any problems with any of my Elektron gear over the years. I’m a pretty easy-going user though too. Not a hot-knob-twister, live performer, or anything like that. Just light studio use for the most part.


my function button ran away completely. (and I was just using it normally, well, on stage)

looks like they use a (one-piece) rubber underneath and I’m quite close to exchange this from the new machine I already have with my original one as the project sysex input doesnt seem to work (at least I haven’t made it work and yes, I tried everything exepct sending it directly from machine to machine).


You got two as a result of the one breaking, or because you use two for your shows?

I got two because of one losing its func button…
one is a loaned one from thomann. yes I know, sacrificing one for the other is a weird idea in that situation. I just really dont want to reprogram the whole machine and then do it again if the repaired one coming back reset (for any reason).


Makes total sense.

Loved your review on this thing, by the way.

my bad - sysex transfer works!


No trouble here, either.

Weird design choice if all the pads are held in individually and not grouped in a molded sheet. Or maybe the connection to the sheet is just too little?

They are molded as a whole, but there seems to have been an issue in manufacturing the rubber mats where the edge around some function “buttons” didn’t come out as thick as it should be. It’s being looked into and is just a matter of the manufacturing process, not the design.

And this is of course covered by the warranty for any unit that has this problem. So far it looks like just a very small batch had this issue.