Model:Samples build quality

Hi Ess,

any knowledge about that issue as well?

“issues regarding the underneath of the case not closing properly.”

thanks a lot!!

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I contacted Elektron and no, it’s not normal. They told me to send to them. I think it’s the plastic used and the the design lf the back. It’s not a big problem but yes, it is not normal!


thank you! did you send it to and got it back from Elektron and if, how is it now? or you did not send it as you do not mind the small gap…

I have had M:S for little bit less than a month now - love it to bits but yes, the function button (which is definitely the button I press the most) got stuck a couple times. Some buttons that I don’t use as much (like retrig) are perfectly solid, others I feel might start to loosen up. Will wait for one or two months more but if it keeps getting worse I might consider having it checked.

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The func button of my ms suddenly became loose as others reported. It feels like it should be fixable at home but i don’t know how. Did anybody had success with fixing it?

I’m really disappointed in Elektron’s quality control. The fact that a few people had a problem with their buttons makes the device useless for live shows for me. It’s just not reliable enough to feel good to walk on stage with it.
This isn’t a big deal as i simply have to search for another solution. But i don’t feel very good about the device anymore. Even if they fix mine there are a lot of other buttons on there which can break any moment.
I think Elektron really needs to adress this. Buttons that break after a few months of moderate use aren’t acceptable for me.


Seems to be a common thread appearing here regarding build quality. The latest iterations of the OT2 and now the M:S. simple cost cutting leads to poorer quality. Buy hey, Elektron know you’ll go out and buy the product anyway so why should they care? It’s just more money in their pocket. I can’t see myself buying Elektron gear new in the future, I’ll let someone else take the hit and I’ll buy second hand. I don’t have a problem spending money on gear but only if the quality is there. Sadly it looks like Elektron are playing the nasty game of reducing quality to maximise profit.

Elektron know you’ll go out and buy the product anyway so why should they care?

I didn’t go out and buy the product so they should care…I suppose.

Is there a moc floating around of a black MS?

Really want to purchase one, almost did several times but cant get over the gross orange :nauseated_face: and also the white throughout.
Even with the poor plasticy build if it was black and without the orange i would of bought one by now, probably.

Wont even think twice about buying a MicroFreak or Drumbrute Impact cuz it also has that ugly orange.

Was it done on purpose to make that single orange knob on the MS more visible during poorly lit instances?
Cuz if so its not that crucial.
Or were they trying to copy one of rolands TR themes and put there on spin on it. Regardless im not cool with it.

i might sound somewhat agitated but its because these design choices seem bad too me.
Sorry maybe im that guy but i care about my gear and its looks/build.
Only checked off function for me. Price would be more welcome for me if they had the mk2 leds or buttons or something more along those terms.
Forgot to mention the orangish button lights. Throw that in there somewhere.

Thought i would feel better after saying how i felt but still dont lol.

Mk2 version im ready to preorder when you are.

That’s some speculation there dude, do you really think the Elektron staff is in meetings discussing how to cut quality to keep more of our money? You make those statements like they’re facts, but you’re drawing conclusions based on sparse, weak evidence.


Dude, knobs can be changed on most gear, I’m sure that’s the case here as well. I feel you about the design but not buying a synth because of the color of the knobs is a bit… out there:)


Like dude, they totally can be changed. But i could care less too. Not going to hassle over it and go out of my way buying parts and disassembling just to bring it up to my standards, guy.
Also more of an accumulation of various design choices.

And when I say knobs im not just talking about the orange, but also the fact that they disregarded all their previous quality ones and used these.

The orange knob and lights are nothing to do with build quality, though. That’s just your personal preference that you don’t like it. Personally, I love it, so I guess together we bring balance to the universe.

The horrid blue of the Tanzbär 2, on the other hand, is an aesthetic crime against humanity. I wouldn’t care if they’d captured the soul of Buddy Rich in that thing, it’s staying out of my house. I doubt MFB lose any sleep over my (ir)rational opinion, though. Nor should they.

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True in a way but also true that the orange knob (knob in general) is a downgrade from the previous knobs they have been using with the digi series. Even the gen 1 not the mk2 models had more of a premium then these new ones.
Lights, yeah I guess youre rite about that but still doesnt negate the other build aspects of everything else.

Lights & orange aside theres still lots to have a gripe about. Dont want to repeat myself but I will say this. If they maybe found a happy medium between what was released and the previous digi’s build quality I think the majority wouldn’t have much of an issue with it.

Its just that rite now the build quality seems the far opposite spectrum from other previous releases.
(Dont even think you could go any lower build quality wise)
I get it, have to keep the cost down and make a certain price point but add 50-75usd to the cost to find a better suited middle ground would make all the differnce.

Hey speaking of which, anyone know where I can score some fun colored knobs that will fit the MS?

My experience of the manufacturing sector is they they all do it. It’s common practice. They are in business to make money and the more they can make the better.

Studying your product and manufacturing processes with a view to making economies is all part of the business. If you can save money by beating down the price of a component or applying one less coat of paint (while in the eyes of the business the product maintains a standard they are happy with) then of course they’ll do it.

So to answer your question yes, I suspect some of the staff sit in meetings doing just that.

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My 9th trigger sticks as well. I’m contemplating opening it up and seeing if I can fix it myself.


Don’t! You’ll lose warranty

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Mine just came back from Elektron with a fixed button. Other people with the same loose button got a new Model Samples instead. I’m ok with having back my “old” one but i wonder why Elektron handles the problem differently sometimes.

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My number 9 trig is sticking as well. Annoying…

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Does anyone know how thick the white enclosure of the M:S exactly is (height without knobs and buttons)?