Model:Samples Bugs Thread

It also seems to suffer the same bug as the Digitakt if I am correct? In that, if I send a program change message from my Octatrack, it will wait a cycle before switching to the correct pattern on the Model:Samples.
Very annoying as it is my only gripe with Elektron.

Yup I also have midi sync issues but only if I have it connected over USB. There is weird delay between abletons transport start and the ms. Even when both machines are starting from the beginning of a bar.

Using midi in rather than USB solves that problem though.

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a consistent bug I’ve noticed is quite often I’m unable to move from the track currently engaged to another track. The work around is, I have to change patterns then go back and everything works fine and tracks are selectable again. It feels like I’m running out of RAM.

I just got my model samples , it’s on version 1.02 ,and I had a weird issue where the reverb wasn’t working at all for one particular project I turned it off and on and it didn’t really change anything. I made a new project and the reverb was working fine so I went back to try to figure it out ,and after no avail I gave up and just kept playing around with it and randomly the reverb came back out of no where. Has anyone had any similar issues

Hey. What can be the problem? When I use more than three samples on a track and wind up several parameters with several parameters, my device stops responding and behaves as in the video above. I think that this is due to the operative memory and the fact that it ends, maybe. What do you think can be done about it? Maybe I load my device too much? or is it worth returning it to the store?

Copy and paste patterns freezes the m:s every so often and upon rebooting it reverts the saved patterns back to the last shut down. This makes my main method of pattern making a mine field😕

Can the clicks that come with looping a sample get patched out? I’m not sure of a trick to get rid of right now besides the filter.