Model:Cycles Q & A with Ess

I got a ton of notificiations of replies/tags in the Model:Cycles threads but I’m unable to find all of them, but I do want to answer all your questions so… Fire away in this thread and I’ll try my best to answer all your questions.


can pigeon superhero aka awesome bird become a forum emoji?

can we get a desktop & iPhone wallpaper of the beautiful :cycles artwork background.



Why did you make the Model:Cycles too good?


Is there any plans on :cycles getting new machines possibly in the future.
or if it’s even possible to add any.


If you pan all the way, does the sound bleed into the opposite channel? It would be really useful to separate drums from tones when recording.


not that it’ll happen…BUT…

is it possible, is there space…for additional, future machines to be added?
OR, is something like that reserved for Model:[next]

and tricks you found you can do with it that were not intended with design, but found after playing/testing it?

and the dumb one, how tuff would it be to make them with LEDs that have the ability to color shift :+1:t6::+1:t6::+1:t6: id FLIP for purple! blue would have been nice in the Cycles

Would you be willing to share quick ’n dirty block diagrams showing how the different machines are set up roughly?


Can you solo on Elektron Cycles?

I asked this in the cycles thread but maybe it’s better to ask it here.

Having owned the M:C for one day, it has become quiet clear that there is a special attention to distortion on this unit. For instance when one track starts clipping all the other tracks interact with the distortion that seems to be stemmed from a purposeful programming.

So my question… have you programmed in some sort of cross modulation between the tracks?

I haven’t witnessed this sort of behavior on any other Elektron box Ive owned.


1st q: what were the teams thoughts around audio input for pairing a model:samples? portable setups would always require a mixer in this case.

2nd q: any chance of multi channel record in the future via the recorder app?

congrats again on the release :grin:


was there anything used in :cycles distortion fx taken from analog heat?

Speaking from experience in RnD.

It’s a matter of cost. Technically it wouldn’t be any difference which color led you put in. The multi colored ones can generate more heat maybe but that’s it.

There is a cost difference between the different color leds and if I remember correctly red is the cheapest one and I think blue is the most expensive… it was sometime I had dealings with LED though so I could be wrong.

apologies if any M:S thread or manual answered this already:

  • do all tracks have independent scale as well as length?
  • mictrotiming?
  • essentially, does the sequencer have all OT features?
  • think I over’heard’ retrig is available? will have global or per track settings?

thanks for taking the time @Ess ! much appreciated


It has its own retrig button so you can basically retrig on the fly, it’s a great feature imo


How did you get the stickers under the knobs?

Would you buy a Digitone or Model Cycles if you had no musical equipment?

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I get the cost…just wondering if it is something they’d consider :wink:
im a sucker for that kinda stuff

I think it would look sick on stage [for those that could see and would be an identifier.]

I guess this is more of a question about the forum itself, so I’m sorry to put it here, but would it be possible to use different color tags for M:S and M:C? I realize that those products are similar to the DT and DN respectively, but the similarity in color on the forum makes quickly glancing for topics in a certain category a little confusing…

edit: like yellow for samples and pale blue for cycles or something?

When :3lektron: M:C sample pack?


@Ess do you even portamento bro? :rofl:

Seriously, any chance for tone/chord to get some glidey goodness?

And great job on M:C can’t wait for mine to arrive, I love the ideas behind it :+1: