Found out about this software just today and really made my day! I´m looking forward to test your software both on my Rytm and Monomachine, and looking forward to new versions aswell. Keep up the good work! :smiley:


…on the go randomization! :laughing:


Analog four / randomizer with depth control using max or pd

new version is finally available here :monkey: :champagne: :smile:

as this has been freshly backed :cookie: there could still be few things that might need to be fixed/fine tuned so please do report anything you might come across. feedback are, as usual, more than welcome.

a brief ‘how to’ page will popup clicking on the monkey, should hopefully help get started

have fun! :control_knobs: :elmm: :control_knobs:

edit: for those interested, the little device on top is a T4. more info can be found here :relaxed:

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thx the_dreammer :smile:


…anyone still using this? :thinking::slightly_smiling_face:


in honesty no, but it was an inspiring app, so cool it’s in web form.
i only stopped using at is i made my own that had basic extra LFOs per track.
if you can get some LFOs per track on the web app that would crazy fun, i’d get a wireless midi in device just to receive that from my phone rather than laptop.


mm…extra LFOs per track would make it even more fun :smiley: might have a think about it but first i want to make sure the other randomizers are up to speed as well :slight_smile:


updated the randomizer for the MM as well. it’s here
don’t forget to hit that yellowish button, always much appreciated :smile_cat:
have fun!

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holy shit…


:control_knobs: :smile_cat: