this one and those for the A4/AR have been around for some time now but unfortunately will need to be hosted elsewhere. should hopefully be back online soon(ish)

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Can you upload them here?

it wouldn’t probably work as there’re different files used which have to be referenced

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this is the new version of the randomizer i’m working on. decided to change UI and dev tools but the features should pretty much remain the same…thinking of maybe adding something else too if possible but well…first got to get the basic functionality in there :smiley_cat:



where can i buy this?

this isn’t available yet, there’ll be more info once ready

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the randomizer can be downloaded from here
please report any issue you might come across with this version
have fun! :smiley_cat:


yay! (but… osx build?)

OSX version should be available soon


…added OSX version to the downloads…go get it! :smile_cat:
built on 10.11 :expressionless: there shouldn’t hopefully be compatibility issues


has anyone been using this one/got some feedback? is everything working as expected? :thinking:

Just downloaded & will play with it this weekend & post feedback. Thanks for doing this!

hoping it was a fun weekend with the MM and the randomizer :smiley_cat:
i will most probably have to add some sort of manual/help as things might not be so evident on the UI, especially for those that didn’t use the previous version

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Hey there, sorry for the lag. Been in production mode so not as much time to explore, plus I forgot MnM doesn’t do USB MIDI so didn’t help to bring it to bed w/ my laptop!

Anyway, testing it now & it’s pretty cool. No manual but it’s pretty intuitive once I cleared that 1st hurdle (MIDI channel – I have mine set to channel 6 by default).

I like how you allow us to lock certain values, goes a long way toward solving the bane of all randomizers, which is getting usable, musical results.

I like the randomness scale as well. It’s very neat & that combined w/ the locking allows me to fine-tune the random patch as I come across something I like.

Everything seems to work well, no bugs to report yet. Not sure if you were asking for feature suggestions either but since we’re here:

  1. allowing user to set base MIDI channel would be great

Thanks again!

Oh, an another feature suggestion/update … assign each parameter page it’s own background color so that way user knows they’ve switched pages or need to switch pages. Once I get going back & forth between the machines, it’s pretty easy to get lost as to which parameter page I’m adjusting on the machine & hit randomize on the wrong section. There’s so little actual screen change that my brain seems to just skim over the whole screen altogether.

thanks for your feedback @mkdvb, much appreciated

that’s where a manual would have probably helped: to change MIDI channel for each track simply click on the selected track button, the assigned MIDI channel will be now shown, drag up/down to change it.
doing the same on each parameter, allows to change the value of the parameter on both the randomizer and the MM, this allows to fine tune things.
clicking on the selected page name, will show the parameters name.

this isn’t a lot to have in a manual, together with few other details, but would probably be helpful i think :slight_smile:

i’m glad to hear that @mkdvb

feature requests are always welcome, more a matter of implementing them :smile_cat:

just thought i would mention this for those still looking for it. i’ve uploaded the randomizer in the files section.


Thank you Guga, nice UI, excellent work! i’ll put it to good use on my MnM.


MMR - Windows