Monomachine Randomizer?

So the beast will arrive tomorrow, been reading the manuals, watching videos and performances even made a dual tier stand for the A4 and the Monomachine, is there an existent Randomizer app or max for live patch for this machine? don’t hate me… I like to live my life dangerously :stuck_out_tongue:
any help would be appreciated!!

Haven’t tried it myself, but might have a look at this Pure Data file from the old forum.

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you are awesome!!! thanks man!!

Our very own Guga has created a Monomachine randomizer app for iPad…hopefully he can chime in here and post a link.

here’s the link to the thread on the forum…unfortunately all of the iOS projects are currently on standby for just now due to lack of resources :sob:
hopefully i’ll get back on track soon, have fun :slight_smile:

OMG OMG!! Thank you for your work and time you spend on building this, I cant seem to be able to download the program tho :frowning:

good catch A.R.M. - gonna fix the link.


Thanks man!! its amazing !! great job , also are you still making the controller for the Monomachine?

Guya, the randomiser only seems to affect one single knob - the first knob- on any given page
I am click change all to now avail
Can you assist here please
Looks like a fine program, thank you for your time and effort

it’s nice to see people are still interested in such tools, even with bigger/more powerful software out there :slight_smile: thanks
iOS unfortunately won’t happen soon but desktop versions, mh, i can think about that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: let’s see…

edit: this was in reply to another post which isn’t here anymore, ach well…still nice though :slight_smile:

hey Orwell, mh that’s a bit strange, how is your MM setup/connected to your computer?

thanks Joshua :slight_smile: … do you guys want to start with a list of possible features? :alien: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


fingers crossed Joshua :wink: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I found this

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Guga randomizer works like a charm and do not need Ipad:

Guga’s work is awesome … but this app gives much more control in randomizing the parameters.
Have you seen the screenshot?

old thread but thought i would post it in here too… MMRandomize
@moderators maybe would be good to merge/link this one with the other thread too?

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i’ve done a randomizer under pure data (free and open source little brother of max/msp) a long time ago :

you can find the patch here : Monomachine Randomizer