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Im looking into buying a mixer for a small homestudio. Preferbly with a audio interface. My setup at the moment is a RYtm,Octatrack and A4. The rytm and A4 is going thru the Octatrack. What i would like is to have separate channels for all This + future hardware and i want to be able to route the audio back to the Octatrack for sampling. And i would like to route all This to a MacBook PRO and be able to use IT in standalone mode. At the moment i have a Allen&Heath XOne DB4 that i gonna sell if i find something that fits My demands.

So to the question…anyone have any suggestion and advice when IT comes to mixer? What brands a good? The good and bad between analog and digital mixers…so on and so on :slight_smile:

Im graful for all advices.


mackie onyx serie is price dropping at thomann the 1640i is very good for the actual price!! but take some space on the desk, it s the big probleme with it but with 16 in and out interface and 6 aux 4 groups good eq… i was going to sell mine but will keep it because the routing flexibility is terrible! you can route each of your daw tracks in the ot as each hardware tracks

I’m waiting on the new Soundcraft Signature series.

The “MTK” models are all multi-track core audio usb interfaces. The other models just do stereo i/o over usb.

Some are concerned with the lack of inserts but I say no big deal, a simple patchbay solves that problem. Otherwise, they are quite full featured for the price. I’ll probably spring for the 22MTK for the extra aux sends, groups, and just sheer channel count of A/D inputs to my DAW. The numerous aux sends and group outs on the 22MTK would be ideal for routing back to the Octatrack.

Keep in mind though, that Overbridge will give you 14 inputs from the Rytm/A4 combo. We just don’t know when to expect it yet. Patience may pay off in this case.

Thanks guys for so quick answers and suggestions…ive actually been looking at both of those…actually the Mackie is more interesting because of the firewire but as a noob when it comes to this topic its maybe not the biggest concern i should have when it comes to mixers. Overbridge and so is nice when it will comes out but i don’t want to rely mainly on a computer to record when computer have a shorter life span then hardware usually. Thats one of my main reason why i want the best of both worlds…so when my computer crashes i still can fiddle around with my gear and record to a recorder.

So what do u think of analog vs. digital mixers?

Ive been looking a bit at Allen&Heath Qu-16, Mackie Dl1608 and Yamaha 01V96i.

My price range is around 2000 euro maximum and it should be something i could grow in and has a premium quality.


If there’s any chance you might get an iPad, you probably want to look more for USB than for Firewire in a mixer.

I have owned several different Metric Halo firewire interfaces, and I think it says a lot about USB moving forward that they’re forthcoming 3rd generation upgrade will offer USB on existing firewire interfaces. I currently own an Apogee Duet 2 USB and it is as solid as the highest end firewire interfaces have ever been. Core Audio compliance can help with insuring your device doesn’t become obsolete.
I’m interested in the 22MTK because I could use a mixer for regional live performances, and this offers a load of A/D conversion that would be far more stable than my current hodgepodge of aggregating a DBX386 through my Mac Pro’s optical input, my Apogee, and a Native Instruments Audio 4 DJ. Yea it gives me 8 inputs, but its on shaky ground. I also like the idea of being able to multitrack record my non-future-Overbridge-compatible synths and such in a live setting. To be able to go back and polish the mix on a live recording is very appealing to me. This is something I wouldn’t even have considered if it weren’t for the capabilities of this specific product.
Even the 12 MTK is a good value alone, as finding a simple audio interface with 12 analog inputs is hard enough for less than $900. Most require an additional A/D converter with ADAT output to gain more A/D. The closest you can get is with NI’s A10.

So, if it’s possible, how would you describe the qualities/character of the Soundcraft gear compared to a Mackie? I just watched all of the videos, and heard all about the headroom, etc. but I have no hands-on experience with one. I also couldn’t find any physical specs. I wonder if the Sig12MT is larger or heavier than a VLZ-series 12, for example.

I think it compares well. I don’t consider one brand to be better, or worse. The EQs sound different, like every EQ sounds different. My old Soundcraft M12 served me very well for a number of years. Not once did I wish it were a Mackie, or think it were any better than a VLZ. And mixes i did on the M12 sounded just as good as mixes done on my AudioArts 8x 32 input inline console.
If you’re wanting to know which is higher quality sounding, well that is subjective. I don’t think either brands’ current offerings sound bad. I believe with both brands, you’re buying features, as quality is equal.

The 12MTK should be roughly between thee same size as the Soundcraft EFX12 (14.3"d x 17"wide) and EFX8 (13" wide)
And I would imagine lighter than VLZ, considering the price (perhaps they’re using an external PSU?) and just the fact that its a far newer product.

Hope this helps.

Hey guys

I’m looking for a new mixer and I would like your reviews for both mixer :slight_smile: and some advice for a choice.

-Mackie Onyx 1640
-Midas Venice F16R

Don’t own either of those. I would recommend the Allen & Heath Qu-PAC.

It’s too expensive for my budget :grin:

I have offer for both mixer and I need some advice about the facilities to learning and playing with them.

If I was you I’d hit eBay. It’s quite possible to get a very nice older desk for not much £/$ at all. Soundcraft Delta, Midas, Chilton, Tascam, DDA, Soundtracs, A&H, etc. Plenty of chatter re pros and cons of older mixers over at Gearslutz.com.

I guess I’m going to purchase a second hand Midas F16R it looks really decent and has good reviews.

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I would go for a Midas. In…I think I might. :slight_smile:

Actually the QuPac is less expansive… i would go A&H QuPac too if i have that budget
If i need to choose between this two i would go Midas Venice F16R better EQ to me. (+ there’s problem with Mackie Drivers on that series since long time on mac)

Thank you so much I didn’t know that problem ! and for a second hand the Midas is cheaper compare to the A&Q, btw I will take the Midas offer (more recent product)

If you are recording to a computer why not bypass the mixer and get a MOTU 828III?

Midas is good. Low noise floor if any. Used a lot for live sound. Decent EQ’s

I have the 1640i and I like it well enough. I like having the analog controls with firewire vs something digital such as the presonus boards.

I would like more a mixer made for live and recording in a second time :grin:

I have already order my midas I’m waiting now to see the quality !

Did you used it to record on your computer too ?

That’s a tough one! Most mixers are great for either, not that many for both, especially if you mean live as in gig around and have to carry your setup with you. That Midas, despite being a rack mixer, weighs close to 20kg btw. I wouldn’t wanna haul it around…

Is there a reason you don’t want to get 2 mixers? One really small and handy for live use, then a proper recording mixer. That’s what I’m gonna do at least.

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