Mixer advice

I would like get 2 mixers yes but for the moment I need make some choice in my configuration :smile_cat:

Btw it will be my first mixer for my studio so I hope it will be decent for recording in a first time and I will wait to buy a decent flight case to carry the unit.

You will not regret it… i will be more than “decent” !

S!lk from italy release on my label and made all his tracks on that same series :wink:


When I bought my sp1200 I needed a mixer for my 8 outs. I was debating between a Midas and the SSL x desk. I used to go to a lot of live shows and the Midas console sounded great whether it was 16 or 32. I know what it sounded like but in the end I splurged for the SSL xdesk.

So great video !! I cannot wait to receive it haha

What do you think about the Firewire of the device ? I saw that it had some problems with MAC OS El capitan

This mixer looks great too and looks more useful to carry and transport !

it has problem with Mackie because they stopped at 10.8.5
PC: Windows XP SP3 to Windows 8
Mac: OS X 10.5 to OS X 10.8.5

MIDAS Drivers for ELCAPITAN is here it’s 4.2.1 … , You can download the firmware by heading to the VeniceF24 Downloads page. This works for VeniceF16 & VeniceF32 users as well. :


It’s seems OK with these drivers. BUT do not upgrade to SIERRA

From MIDAS :

With that prefaced, I will reach out to our software team and see if and when Sierra will be supported for VeniceF consoles. This will likely take some time so we strongly recommend staying at El Capitan until further notice.
Let’s keep in touch,

Chase McKnight
Specialist, Community

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i have the midas (when it was midas) 16U for the last 2 years, sounds GREAT, i bought it for the MD , A4 and pedals for studio using .

i think the F version is more simple to use, recording wise.

i ended up using patchbay, audio interface and more 8 line adat in/out, because the mixer signal flow from the mixer to the computer is by using the aux knobs, which means you can’t record with FX sends, or sending audio tracks to the mixer is only to 8 tracks - But after all, it’s sound great, i love to use it

about the mackie, a good friend of mine really enjoys the working with this mixer model and the results sounds very good. after all it’s just different color.

If i will need to buy a new mixer, it will be digital (presets, templates, more routing options), if your time is expensive, think about a digital one.


Okay then the MOTU isn’t a good fit even though it works without using a computer. You want more hands on.?

Behringer xenyx x2442usb is not as expansive as the allen & heath and does a good job if your on a budget.

Personally I am not interested in mixers that act as “way cool control surfaces,” or have “onboard effects,” or “USB.”

These are all abominations. The Mackie VLZ series is the closest an electronic musician can get on a budget to a pure mixer, Pure, simple, no dipshit digital FX added in. Like the fucking 90s.

The 1202-VLZ4 is a great value in this respecf.


I just bought a Soundcraft Signature 12, have’nt used it much but very nice sounding so far.


Mackie products are really decent !

It looks nice :smiley_cat:

Why don’t you take MTK ? it’s not so much expensive and you can Send / Get Back Computer Daw on all tracks :frowning:

MTK has some problems (that might or might not be an issue for the potential buyer).


No hardware inserts.

The computer integration is pre-EQ.

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No hardware inserts. Aux ?

There’s 3 aux that’s Return they haven’t got (so return take Tracks instead that’s a problem for some people who prefer to get dedicated returns…)

And hello Barfunkel btw

Maybe consider something like Rane rotary mixer?

You won lottery ??? :slight_smile:

great dj mixer !!! :heart_eyes_cat:

yeah, I still have a Roland OctaCapture I can do that with, wanted this one more for jamming.

grreat track

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