Digitakt + Digitone +?

I think the digitone can do wonderful pad sounds, so I don’t think you need a new synth for that. You can even use your digitakts midi LFOs to do some nice and slow parameter sweeps for the digitones synth tracks.


that’s my main use of the DN


Maybe add an analogue Bass Synth? Moog Minitaur, Bass Station 2?

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Do you plan to add a mixer or multi input interface for ableton ?

Organelle: It can be really everything you need. FX Unit, Bass Machine, Sampler or everything at combined with Orac.

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thanks for suggestion im gonna look at it

mostly designing but also i have lots of sound and samples that downloaded for years

You are right digitone is my favorite synth yet but pad and bright sounds are more complex. I was trying to say that simple ones. But as i told you that you are right maybe i can look around for some pedals maybe.

When I have a big place, definetly i will

I think they both sound amazing through the Analog Heat.


If you are looking for anything with intense analogue vibe you should definitely checkout the Sequential Prophet REV2 (Desktop Module) or the OB-6 (Desktop Module) for that.

I own both and they are - from my experience - a perfect companion to the Elektrons.

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So if you are using overbridge you’ve got 4 audio inputs ( 2 with digitone , 2 digitakt )

I’d go with something
Multiple outs
Usable built in fx

Probably nord4r or nord A1 ,


If you add a synth, you will likely need a USB hub (check MIO4) and a mixer :slight_smile:
Not a bad thing per se, just saying. Peak is really nice, offering both digital and analog flavors, and hands-on controls !

One option could be an Octatrack to sample DN on the fly, add FX, mix your 2 machines + OT stems…
2 stereo ins, 2 stereo outs, and this way you can keep a small rig.

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Can I connect a new synth without a mixer or usb hub?

Let’s say i want to add a peak to my setup. How should i manage this setup?

You can do this, but it will be IMO a bit clumsy (think chain of audio out in audio in, and a chain of MIDI thru to MIDI in).

This can make it difficult (or impossible) to handle specific MIDI redirection (e.g. if you don’t want Keystep to start DT but start DN only). But worst will be dealing with audio (e.g. gain staging, audio quality, or multitrack recording).

I would really think about this if I were in your position.
Not that it’s something to be afraid of. A USB hub must be around 100€, a decent mixer a few hundred euros…
Choose good quality gear, and you’re done for a long time in such area.

That’s why I asked about a mixer.
Adding a synth is easy but you need to consider how you are going to hear the audio.

Sorry, this is not very helpful, but I have to complete the equation: Digitakt + Digitone + ? = Profit.


I recently added an Electroharmonix Memory Boy to my DT/DN combo, and I run the DN into it.
It’s pretty fun. I’m getting these nice warped vinyl effects when I twist some knobs on it.
Maybe look into a pedal or two? Much cheaper than a synth and capable of opening up the DN in new directions

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I run my digitakt + digitone into a Roland Sp404a. So I get master effects plus I can sequence samples from the sp404 w/ the digitakt.
It’s a pretty sweet set up.

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Analog Heat of course