Minilogue XD


One Ring to rule them all.



I really liked using the Monologue for external MIDI sequencing. If the polyphonic sequencer of the Minilogue XD can also do external MIDI sequencing, well then I guess I’ll have to give this synth a closer look (once the manual becomes available for download).


Is it my ears, or do you hear it too? Sound is very stiff and cold. Or is it the YT compression? I have to say i really Like the Features, the Design, the Formfactor…but i find myself not liking that Sound. …


Maybe to your ears it is very stiff and cold? That’s ok. But it’s not what I hear.

If I judged the sound quality of a synth based upon introductory demos on YouTube I would never buy anything at all.


I Had both Mini- and Monologue Here and both have that ol’stiff’n’cold Sound. Guess its Not my Cup of tea then. Fine, i Stick with A4 and Peak.


it’s pretty good actually


The analog side of the 'logues hasn’t changed much, other than copying the Monologue filter to the Minilogue XD, so those who have previous 'logue experience are unlikely to hear radical change on that front.

I’d have no interest in the XD if it were just another poly analog synth. If that’s all I wanted, I’d rather just save up more money and get Vermona PerFOURmer or Dreadbox Abyss.


Ah yes i Had a PerFourmer. Great Classic Sound. Very smooth osc and Filter. But no sequencer, no FX and double the price of a Minilogue. But hey, if you buy cheap, you gonna buy twice…




I want this


Don’t you want all the things? :wink:


it’s hilarious how many Minilogues appeared on Reverb yesterday. if you’d like one, it’s not a bad time to pick one up. $300ish isn’t a bad price for what you’re getting.


Hmm I’m reading stuff and watching videos with conflicting information about the filter. One source says it’s a new filter more like the prologue while others say it’s either the same as the monologue or similar. I guess it will be made clearer soon. Unless one of you has the answer?


I believe it’s almost the same filter (but only the 2 pole instead of both 2 and 4 pole) , just with more low-end when cranking the resonance and a drive switch? So probably more like the Monologue is my guess.


I really like the sounds in Bonedo’s demo. Good balance between the digital side which makes the XD interesting to me in the first place, and the analog side.


I wish it is Multitimbral like the Analogue 4 or Digitone. For the price that would be asking too much though.


Some beautiful sound there @ 3:33. Reverb sounds ace.

Specs seem great. I really wish it had battery power like the Monologue but I can certainly live without it.


I really like the bonedo demos in general. They usually cover all the aspects of the sound


Question is how I can upgrade. I bought the Minilogue only one month ago. Now I need to sell it for too little. Will it be worth it?