Minilogue XD


I guess this thing is real. Engadget already has a review:

EDIT: O’Brien says he tried to load a Prologue custom osc. or something but it didn’t work. :cry:
OTOH, he points it he’s working with beta OS at the time of review.



many improvements. If the sound also improved I‘d be very tempted


Oh my… this package in crasy CVin, userwaves, user effects and Microtung!

I want to sell my A4 :elan: now


This thing sounds great!


This looks pretty stunning for the price. Don’t think I can resist.


Surely keep the A4 for CV modulation power if nothing else? :wink:


$650 (~570€)? Then… “original” Minilogue will drop price? it’s still ~500€ new.

I’ll be having a bad time selling mine haha.


I will have to invest in some opaque tape to adjust the “xd”. Maybe it will add some extra warmth too, with the tape and all.

No but really, it seems like a solid machine!


I’ve seen it up for order at £565 this morning so you’re not far off with the euro estimate


Woow this thing is reeeally impressive and feature packed for the price!
What a crazy era for synths!


It seems the filter has been re-designed and is now closer to that of the prologue. So it doesn’t step on the toes of the monologue at all. Smart choice.


random thoughts…

  • bummer it lost some of the voice modes of the original
  • cv out would’ve been cooler than cv in (for me at least)
  • yay for reverb and modulation effects!
  • still haven’t heard anything from the digi oscillator that totally wows me


Couldn’t agree more. Truly amazing variety of choices these days.

I will be picking this up. Sounds great, looks great, fixes my issues with the original. This looks like a big hit for Korg.


Reading the details on the Korg site about the logue SDK (that’s seems to be the name now – generisized for Minilogue/Prologue).

Two things i spot there relative to the SDK between the two 'logues:

logue SDK

minilogue xd and prologue share an open development API (Application Programming Interface) that allows users to extend the possibilities of the hardware via an SDK (Software Development Kit) and dedicated development tools.


FAQ: Can I use the SDK Custom Content from prologue on minilogue xd (and vice versa)?
Check with the content creator to see if a minilogue xd specific version is available. If not, the prologue version can be used directly.

So i am not completely positive on this, but this sounds strongly like the xd’s SDK is upward compatible from the Prologue SDK in some way. (Which i had wondered about above.) If that is the case i wonder what the improvements have been made to the digital engines. (But let me stress the – if that is the case part.)

Sounds like they also have the user programmable Effects section, and that that is the same as the Prologue:

User Effects

minilogue xd’s effects section also has 16 user slots to accommodate custom modulation effects, 8 user slots for Reverb effects and 8 slots for Delay effects. Once loaded via the prologue Librarian application these custom effects will appear alongside the existing modulation effects.

ADDED: For the $650 entrance fee, programming the Multi-Engines might be a fun thing for me to do.

Korg Prologue SDK Nerd Patrol

Sounds great to me! Like the new filter and added fx. Hardly any talking, but lots of playing, in this video.

“Everything that you’re hearing comes directly from the XD’s audio outs into the Zoom F8N Multitrack Field Recorder with no additional processing.”


Sounds real solid. FX are quality.

Def worth the upgrade for original Minilogue owners and prospective buyers.
The white lights are a nice touch. User FX are a surprise!


I strongly agree, that’s has got to be the addition of the digital effects processor. I’m only half way through the Sweetwater video, and it’s jaw dropping. :stuck_out_tongue:


When they say user fx, do they mean custom ones that can be created from scratch in an editor (ala TC Electronic, Source Audio etc)? Because that would be really impressive.


Yes they do – follow the link in my post above.

Not exactly sure what this is. You can write code in the C programming language for the effects engine,