Minilogue XD


I think its a bit naughty companies selling older models just before a new one is released. Their should be some offer to upgrade.


I stand corrected… Korg has done well with this rethinking of the Minilogue… I still would have preferred a groovebox version but still cool… I just hope it’ll transpose the sequencer by pressing a key…


I would not put too much hope in that.
It does not have the KEY TRG/HOLD button that the Monologue has that allows you to do this.

It appears to have the same sequencer implementation as the original Minilogue, they’ve just supplied 16 step buttons, instead of 8.


Just saw that is has “Aphex Twin micro tuning presets”… that’s some clever marketing right there.


Richard D James actually helped out with the development of the Monologue, made the suggestion of adding micro-tuning to it, and provided presets. likely he helped with the XD as well.



Thanks for linking this… very educational. Everyone should read this if they haven’t already.


I am intrigued by those monitors


Great article. While I haven’t made much use of the Aphex Twin presets, the microtuning was one of the reasons I bought my Monologue. It will still have a place in my rig, regardless of whether I get a Minilogue XD


I dig the shimmer pad demo


From the comments:

I used internal reverb only. It’s named “Riser” like Shimmer reverb.


Yeah, in other words I liked one of the two videos posted in that post.


Shimmer makes everything nice.


I think the “Innerstellar” demo sounded just as good in the parts without the shimmer.

That and the Bonedo demo are my two faves of the demos posted so far


I liked Interstellar too, but its also kinda sounded in the highs steelhard and stiff to me. But hey, i also didn´t like the A4 sound first, then they did an OS update and bang i liked it. :wink:
Definately will check it out in the store.


I agree. The start could have been a Digitone. Goes to show that this is able to do a lot more than weve seen so far.


First keyboard I’ve been seriously interested in a while. Something about the sound reminds me of a modernized version of those few late 80s/early 90s VA/sample/FM hybrid synths.


Same. Keen to see what user oscs/fx start to appear. But even without those it looks really good.


I was almost sold on the minilogue, but this version ticks all the boxes for me. Will buy for 4 voices of microtunable, analog filtered multi engine access alone! The analog voices will just be the icing on the cake :nyan:

I cannot understand why the prologue doesn’t have microtuning now…

btw, everthing’s recallable and MIDI CC controllable, right? Otherwise must pass


Stupid question. But is microtuning the same as detuning notes. Like BOC stuff. Can the settings be saved?