Minilogue XD Module

I like the slim look would look good with DT/DN in front.

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Would you rather have the module or keyboard if both end up being same price?

I wanted something small and self-enclosed so a keyboard, even with minikeys, was important to me. I dearly hope they fix the clicking multi oscillator soon though.

I have to go with the module even if its the same price for portability reasons. Which kinda sucks because now I have to wait for the module to become available in my local shops, which just got the keyboard version in.

OTOH I’m probably getting an RD808 and a craft synth 2.0 before the xd anyways… then nu:tekt and RD909 for Xmas :wink:

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Keyboard for me, even though I’m in the US and the module is not the same price as the keys here and costs less. Maybe some of you non-Americans can just buy one here if you come here for holidays or something. US Customs are a pain when you bring stuff into the US but they don’t care what you bring out of it - obviously though can’t help you regarding how your own country would manage stuff you try to bring back from the US

I’m willing to add the Minilogue xd to my Elektron setup (DN+DT). Would that be a good combo ? I mostly play techno and some synthwave too.

Sound-wise, it’ll add the analog synthesis options missing on the DN and DT. But it’s still a very new product and I just saw a bug reported on the arpeggiator. As with any new product, if you’re not in a hurry, observe what bugs come up and get fixed - and definitely try before buying if possible. Check the MIDI implementation too.

Despite what I said earlier, I might go for the module myself, and pair it with a Digitone Keys.

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The width dimensions are almost exact for the XD Module to fit flush behind the part of the Digitone Keys that’s behind the keybed, and the eight configurable control knobs – the part of the Digitone Keys without any connections at the back.

Thinking about controlling it – Do you use both the XD Module sequencer and the DK’s sequencer together, or run it entirely off the DK’s sequencer? I can see how at times you’d switch the DK between internal and external control mode.

The keybed on the DK (i think it’s the same or similar to the keybed on the AK which i know well) is really nice and a major step up from the keybed on a regular XD.

They’re both fairly flexible so i think there’s a lot of options on what part is doing what sound.

Need’s more thought.

Definitely needs thought. I want to put in more time using the Octatrack to sequence external gear first. The DN sequencer appears to be of a similar design as the OT’s - no surprise there.

I’d probably use the XD’s sequencer for modulating the internal synth, more than playing musical parts due to only 16 steps, though I did play a solo set by using just my viola, Octatrack, and Volca Keys, whose sequencer also has only 16 steps. I will likely use the DNK’s (I’ll change the acronym if the community settles on another) MIDI track(s) to sequence the XD but I won’t rule out using the XD’s sequencer to play musical parts instead of just modulation, or using the DNK’s keyboard to play the XD live while the DNK sequences its internal synth - unless I overlooked some weird limitation preventing the keyboard and sequencer from being used simultaneously.

As you may have guessed I finally started listening to DNK videos. Damn, I still like the DN sound. And the sequencer, despite lack of song mode, is still more capable than the XD’s and I’ve got the OT’s Arranger mode to serve as “song mode”. The XD Module’s mini-keyboard function will also be useful in this setup, if only for quick sound previews while the DNK is busy, and stuff like that. At least both synths have their own FX so I don’t have to think about buying a 2nd Zoia just for them… yet… lol

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I’ve wonder this, but i doubt there will be, other than if you clash, same channel, same note at the same time, and that sort of thing. Multimap will be really useful too – though it does eat up the 37 keys pretty fast.

The DNK is remarkably versatile – polyphonic synth with keyboard – controller – sequencer – and midi sequencer.

Sounds like you’re considering reworking quite a few things with your setup, which is always good to encourage you to explore some new sounds and techniques.

I’ve played with variations of Octatrack + 1 synth for simplicity - the synth spot in my rig being taken by Bassbot TT-303 or Volca Keys. But the last several months have been occupied by reworking my band rig - new amp, new signal routing ideas, etc. - the rig that I use to play electric violin parts and noise with the band. The last major change was the emergency replacement the OT with 3 units - Headrush E2 looper, OP-1, Eventide H9 - all of which I already had, so no new shopping spree needed.

Thus, the evolution of my solo music rig has been slowed down but it’s still ongoing - reviving the OT, looking for a new hardcase to replace the one that was beat up by the trip to play the Psycho Las Vegas - “oh, THAT’s why people pay money for ATA cases when traveling by airline!” - etc. Before the Minilogue XD was announced and released, I was putting together a Volca workstation around the Volca Mix for solo electronic music explorations.

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This just showed up for pre-order with a June 23rd release date. It is listed at 60,550 yen (550 usd) compared to 55,500 yen (500 usd) for the keyboard version. Weird that removing the keyboard makes it MORE expensive… Maybe I should just get they keyboard version, but like the form factor. Decisions.

The price can make sense if Korg are expecting to sell less units in module form, which means it has a higher break-even cost threshold. The keyboard and number of expected sales is already built into the existing RRP. The module version whilst having less components, may sell far less units (by Korg estimates). This pushed the cost per unit price up. If module version exceeds expectations on units sold you might see the price drop once break-even unit sold is reached, in some time in the future.

Are you sure about that? Considering how little R&D the desktop involved, I’d imagine kord requiring much less for covering their costs. Even the retooling required for the module version might have been minimal.

If we end up having to pay more for the desktop version, getting at least a decksaver on top of the deal would make me happy. Seems a bit unfair that you have to pay more for less.

It makes sense if the price for the keyboard version was already priced with low profit margin and if they have been treated and calculated as different models. But it’s just analytical speculation based on product accounting and pricing methods, I have no insider proof to tell you with 100% certainty, only Korg could.

I also do not have any details as to how they would spread their R&D costs, they might split it 50-50 across each model which would still fit the theory of less units sold expected for module vs keyboard.

This makes NO sence any way you slice it?
Less components, less cost…surely…
Could adding a keybed be zero cost?
Maybe its a game so that the keyboard version isnt in competition with the desktop? But if a DN keys is 100% more than a DN, then how is Korg arriving at 0% more for the key version than a desktop? Something smells fishy…the expected sales would have been factored in most definitely. But if the outcome looked identical to the current product, there would be zero motivation to manufacture a different product at all.???

Perhaps Korg is aiming at people who are ready to pay an extra for a module synth format ?

Less components, less cost yes, but lower units sales, lower profit always holds true (unless the unit price is set higher to offset).

My suspicion

Korg releases the minilogue xd…limited stock available…

Can not keep up with supply demand and in some countries the xd hasnt even arrived yet.

Before it can service the needs of every country for the xd it releases the desktop!! For god knows what reason…

Every supplier/ distributor who hasnt even got the xd is like “what” ??

Pre sales for xd will be effected by the pending potential cheaper desktop??? What t f korg?

Korg be like “oh yeh Australia doesnt even have the keyboard version yet, and here we are releasing the desktop for something to show off at namm or superbooth or what ever”.

Yeh doesnt matter its all the same price… play on…

Mad conspiracy i know but seriosly there are definately tiers that we are all familiar with when it comes to sales and product releases. But this seems like its just making up shit as it goes…prologue, minilogue xd, minilogue desktop…platinum, silver bronze…

You know

I dont think Korg is conpiring against their cuatomers.