Minilogue XD Module





@amku, thanks for the info, very interesting! I asked Korg if they plan to release a module version of the Monologue some time ago, but this is even better.


I personally would love a Prologue module if they managed to keep it compact.




This would be sweet, too!


Aww yeahhh! While I was going to buy a minilogue xd anyway, this one makes even more sense for me. Assuming it is exactly same as the minilogue xd except without a keyboard? Insta-buy :loopy:


seems like it is exactly the same from the website description


Looks sweet! I love the sound and feature set of the XD. This more compact design is intriguing.



Was also wondering that… They always leave the most important part out!


korg site also mentions polychaining :+1: The prologue is seeming less interesting now…


I believe the keyboard versions will have it too though, since they sync them in the video. No idea if 2 Keyboard version Minilogue XD’s will polychain together though.


I like this a lot.


I would consider selling my Access Virus C to fund this here, but the 4 voice limitation always makes me hesitant. Felt the same about the Analog 4.


same, cant do 4 if im going to buy a poly. Ill for sure get a prologue version.


I think the coolest thing about having two 4-voice Minilogue XD modules as opposed to one 8-voice one is the ability to have multitimbrality, and layer patches.


Multi-timbral, didn’t even cross my mind! Nice.


The Minilogue XD Module will land in July priced at $549.99.


This and DT as a perfect pair…


It’s amazing to be alive at this moment in time.