Minilogue XD Module


Yeh store dj in Australia has xd and module listed at the same price $999.00???
Module is the same price… weird…!


I feel like this would be a dream combo…


Is the XD that wide?

EDIT Yes it is. 50cm.


Complete dimensions: 500 × 179 × 85 mm / 19.69” × 7.05” × 3.35”
I looked the dimensions up myself a couple days back realizing how good (and affordable) it is to use two XD Mods together. (See the Sweetwater video above for a demonstration of using two XD Mods together.)

So i have been wondering to myself if it’s better to arrange two XD Mods vertically or horizontally, all while still having access to the front panel. You’re right pulsn it’s wide, so two wide is very wide.

I kind of prefer two XD Mods arranged vertically i guess. (Vertical meaning back to front not up.) But one issue with that is the slope of the front face. (This would be an issue with mixing the XD with Elektron equipment as in the image above. So some sort of adjustment needs to be made for this problem. It’s a common enough problem.



Another image similar to the last.

Not sure why Korg chose to have such large overhangs at the front and back. It makes the control panel look larger, but it doesn’t add any functional area.

There’s even more overhang, particularly at the front if you consider that the wood parts could be removed. Not sure how large circuit board is below this, or perhaps it could be cut down more.
I doubt that it could ever get down to Eurorack size, not that i’d really want that either with something this wide, but maybe – but you still have to deal with the connectors too.

It seems like this could get cut down and faced with a custom laser cut acrylic faceplate, keeping the box underneath, if someone was interested in that.


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The module looks like the XD (keys) with the keys chopped off. So maybe the overhang is a byproduct of minimizing the factory retooling that had to be done to produce the module.

Just idle speculation on my part, though I know Jukka is a chill person and unlikely to harsh me :rofl:


When i already own A4 and Peak…do i need this? :wink:


Peak sounds pretty good to me, as does the Summit. If you have one of those, I doubt that you “need” an XD. If you “want” one anyway, that’s up to you do deal with.

The Minilogue XD family is a better fit for me - the right combination of price, sound, and feature set.

Peak/Summit looks like the type of synth I’ve spent too much time and money on in the past - too much time trying to design sounds, not enough time making music, and thus not a good return on investment. I’m sure those who already have the requisite background have been much more productive on that stuff, and will thus feel differently.


Nothing wrong about designing Sounds. :wink:


I didn’t say there was anything wrong with that, but you knew that, didn’t you?

It’s a question of how one prefers to allocate one’s time.


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Excellent, I’m glad you know what I mean. I should have just answered “no you don’t need a Minilogue XD” and left it at that.


Minilogue XD is awesome I want to see a really good demo of someone crushing on the xd + module in 8 voice mode… here playing on my PSS-100 and thinking about this combo… want to go play Peak but don’t want to leave couch… synthesizers…


Yes, or simply click the Heart and realize that it was meant not so serious, as you now took it. Well at least, you re welcome and i Hope you feel better now.



I feel pretty good, thanks


What a terrible design choice!!! How are they going to let that synth out to market looking like that? I guess you can call it bumpers for your synth. :joy::joy::joy:


A side shot of the keys version, which seems to support what I said earlier, though honestly I don’t care how a synth looks as it works reliably and makes sounds that I like. I had a related discussion with a friend recently after he expressed his great displeasure with the latest design of the Synthovo PAN


I’m obsessed with image but there’s opportunity to make this synth more compact. We need all the space we can get.


I think I know why they didn’t make it smaller, as posted earlier, but if people don’t believe me that’s ok.