Minilogue XD Module


I want minilogue xd as a synth and will also get the DIY tekt box for using as an fx pedal for my latest mini setup. Been using a Boss DD-500 as the fx pedal until now, but its too big and clunky, assuming I can get a low cut to the fx wetpath somehow, this will be a much better option.

Are the fx algos already compiled when you download them? I was hoping maybe to be able to edit them before dumping into the DSP.

You reckon the multiengine fx algos can deal with a mono in / stereo out routing without kludging?

Its so weird to me that manufacturers rarely include a decent low cut with their fx pedals. For me, having low cut/kill on an fx pedal is absolutely essential. Running fx return without one just muddies everything up real bad.


I was just saying that, with the Zoia, I don’t need to buy any other gear. But now…! FML.


It’s difficult to tell from the demos but there’s something about the sound of this synth I don’t like. To me the original Minilogue sounds better in certain ways. This one has that harsh Monologue-ish sound going on. I’ll have to try it in person though…


Very interesting comment!

Let’s assume we’re apples to apples in comparison, with analog only sounds from all three.

Somehow i had thought that as far as sound generating the xd just added digital parts to the original analog Minilogue and that the new xd module would be the same as the keyboard one minus the keyboard. I didn’t read that anywhere, but i guess i just think this way based on a preconceived notion. But of course that probably isn’t perfectly true, perhaps they’re each very close but all different. Hell two of the same makes of synths (particularly analog ones) made the same day will be different, based on the tolerance variation of parts and other subtle factors.

(I think of another example, the Elektron Analog Four, the Analog Keys and the A4 Mk II. They’re all different, albeit subtlely. We know at the very least because Elektron says so.)

But of course it is difficult to compare from youtube videos – first mp4’s distorts the sound, you don’t know all the processes involved in each individual recording, nor really how things were set up.

So i wonder what Korg has to say about this?


Well, it seems they’re certainly going out of their way to showcase the digital aspect of the synth. There are a lot of particularly brash and glassy timbres in there. I think, as with any synth, it’s all in what you do with the filter…

I’m just disappointed that they didn’t take this opportunity to add MPE or, even better, a host port. Bummer.



To me it sounds like Minilogue’s Oscillators with Monologue’s filter? Minilogue has a more mellow sound which I always liked.
I find the Prologue sounds a bit smoother than XD even but of course this is all subjective. XD is a decent value for the price. If I saw one at my local music store I’d probably consider buying it.


Yeah, so I made the classic pre-Superbooth mistake of buying the keyboard version of the XD a week before… my thinking was that Korg never seem to produce module versions of their 'logues. This module would probably have been better for me but in truth I’m not too upset by it… the space and cost differences are not all that big and I’ve been finding it quite handy to have the keyboard right there to audition and tinker whilst I’m programming.

Although, I’m still in the honeymoon phase with the synth it is a good honeymoon somewhere exotic, as opposed to a rainy depressing honeymoon to Skegness. In fact the only areas where I think it could be improved relates to modulation. It’s well featured in this respect with the external CV in’s (the Korg SQ1 is a perfect companion here) and the 4 lanes of modulation sequencer. However, two things where it falls slightly short is no random/s&h shape for the LFO and that the 4 lanes of modulation are all the same length (as far as I can tell). Having a random LFO or differing lengths for the mod lanes would be so useful for long evolving pad sounds…

It’s a minor niggle and I definitely wouldn’t discourage anyone from trying it…


Will try before buying.

I have a Monologue. Yes it can get aggressive, but I’ve found I can the filter cutoff and Q to make it mellow if I want.


Keyboard version and Module version have the same price in Germany.

I think to remember that I checked the price a few days ago and the module version supposed to be something like 100 Euro cheaper, strange, anyone noticed this, or have I been dreaming?

Makes not much sense to me why both have the same price, or am I missing something. :thinking:


Let’s hope Korg isn’t starting a trend to make people pay for perceived utility (saving space, smaller footprint, modular related to its keyboard) vs. paying for what you get (a Minilogue XD with a keyboard), and make them the same price…


Yeah, good thoughts, can´t think of anything else that may justify the same price.

I sold my Minilogue to get a XD version, when the Module appeared I was happy since I don´t really need the keyboard version. Now it´s a bit strange to pay the same price for less functionality, even though I don´t need it, but maybe I am just too much whining. not sure :roll_eyes:


It’s not a trend in the US


Would you purchase a minilogue XD or a sonicware ELZ_1?


That’s why I said “starting”.


Well interested! I was looking for a digitally controlled analog synth module that speaks Midi CC. I may add it to a DT + DN setup.

I guess the lack of LFOs can be solved by sending 4-8 LFOs from DT to Miniloguexd Module?

Any known MIDI CC problems on the keyboard version?

If only there was a high-pass filter, but we can’t have it all I guess.

What might go wrong here being sequenced by DT?


Price difference between Module and Keyboard version in USA at sweatwaters:
549,99 XD Module
619,99 XD keyboard version

No price difference in Germany:
649,00 XD Module
649,00 XD keyboard version


It’s not starting in the US as posted previously. Maybe its starting in Germany. As for world-wide? Too early for that prediction imo


Never mind lmao.


Depends on what you’re looking for from a synth. Not a fan of one-sentence “get synth X” answers without further explanation.


glad to contribute a bit of joy