Miles Kvndra musics and tutorials almost Digitone only

Hi everybody, found this artist and like is videos and tutorials.

I think he deserves more love to keep brought to us more fantastics content


Techno Jam No. 1 // Digitone

Techno Jam No. 2 // Digitone

Techno Jam No. 3 // Digitone

Techno Jam No. 4 // Digitone

Techno Jam No. 5 // Digitone + OP1

Elektron Digitone Tutorial | Setting up and using the Digitone for (Techno) Jams

Elektron Digitone Tutorial | Bass Lead Sound Moog Synth In The Style Of Stephan Bodzin

Elektron Digitone Tutorial | 6 Tips for smooth transitions in your Digitone (Techno) Jams

Elektron Digitone Tutorial | How to get creative pattern variations using delay feedback loops

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Thank you so much for the s/o and putting everything into one place! Really means a lot :pray: :slight_smile:


is also great on structure.

Thanks for sharing all the good stuff, really enjoy your content. It’s not only inspiring but very much appreciated that folks like you take the time to share experience in such a nice way.


Thanks reframe for this feedback I really appreciate it! Love the community and it’s great to get in touch with other people via the content. And hearing that it inspires others is the best thing! Merry Christmas :evergreen_tree:


New to the digitone I’ll check out your vids man :sunglasses:

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Great! Let me know if you’ve any questions :slight_smile:


Hi fellow Elektronauts,
I made a breakdown of one of my latest Digitone only jams over on YouTube. In this video I walk through the whole jam explaining patterns, tracks, transitions and also some thoughts on sound separation and mastering. It’s quite detailed and long so feel free to use the timestamps to navigate to the parts you’re particularly interested in. Let me know if anything is unclear!

Cheers and happy weekend,


Yes it help. I’m trying to learn this method of beat production. I need to find something that starts with the basic workflow. YouTube is good but all move at a pace to hard to follow. Should I give up sell it and enjoy getting old or add another instrument to my collection. I know synths an another slew of instruments. Thank. Just very frustrated… Be well! Your videos are very good and they are all helpful. LMH

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YouTube is good but all move at a pace to hard to follow. Should I give up sell it and enjoy getting old

The beauty of streamed videos - Pause and rewind what you don’t understand!
This stuff is all about practice and repetition till it becomes second nature.
Don’t give up out of frustration!! Frustration means that you KNOW what you want to do, but just haven’t got the skills to do it yet.
So it’s a case of just needing to put more time in rather than not even knowing what to do!!! :slight_smile:

If you were just bored it would mean you don’t even know what you want, but if you’re frustrated, it’s a sign you’re on the correct path! :smiley:


Hey Kokopelli, thanks for the feedback and definitely don’t give up! Like @JPM said, frustration is somehow natural, because you have the ideas, but can’t get them out.

I can’t really tell how many times I’ve been really frustrated, because I couldn’t make my ideas sound like I wanted them to sound. And I still have this today in nearly every jam, the feeling that I’m hitting a wall where there is no way to go on with the jam and suddenly I question everything I’ve done so far, leaving me really frustrated.

For me in these cases it helps to step away from the whole creative process and get a new perspective and other inspiration - sometimes I don’t even touch the jam for days. Then when I feel inspired and come back to it I suddenly know how to go on, due to the new perspective. Maybe this involves killing some darlings, but the journey goes on and the music benefits from this. :slight_smile:

So try to be patient, practice and get some inspiration. And if you’re looking for a tutorial on the Digitone basics and haven’t checked Cuckoo’s video yet, I can highly recommend it!


Thanks, I DO want to learn and I’m using YouTube, rewinding and going over again. I’ve giving it a year. I have another creative endeavor I’m growing too. This is a lifetime, I suppose now it’s bucket list item. Thanks for you kindness.

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Thank for getting back. I saw coukoo’s video. Issue is everything is second nature and fast. I know a lot already. One thing I can’t understand. If I choose to change say step 1 to another bass drum. I find on choose it after going through the other samples. I need to get that choice to 1…the bass drum. Ill keep working. Thanks much for your video. Ill keep working…oh and you can call me Leo. :+1:


Hey Leo, of course, let’s support each other - this is in my eyes the best thing about communities like this one here! :slight_smile:
Regarding your question, I’m not sure if I get your point right, but if you want to change the bass drum on one step, you can do that with a sound lock from the soundpool: while holding down the step you can turn the data/level encoder to change the step sound to a sound from the sound pool. This way you can load your kick drum to the step.

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Ill give it a shot, thanks Miles!

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Hi Elektronauts,

I made a short tutorial on two techniques I use to overgo the pattern or track length limitations on the Digitone or the Digitakt (works on both machines the exact same way). I often find it hard to get melodies or chord progressions down using only 64 steps, because this in my eyes is way too short. That’s why I searched for ways to extend the pattern length to at least 128 steps and wanted to share my thoughts with you. If you have other solutions to tackle this problem, I’d be super happy to hear them! And if you have questions feel free to ask. :slight_smile:

Stay safe and enjoy your weekend,



Miles thanks lots for the help… I’m taking it slow and stay out of my own way. I’ll go through the video. I also have the Cycle. Both are similar as they’re made by Elektron. Now I’ve got most, I must not be following along with the sampler and how to load it. I think Ill be spending most of my time doing that. And that will be marvelous. Again thanks dude…dating myself​:grin:. Be well. :ok_hand:

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Hey Leo, I’m happy that I could help and that you’re on your way - good to hear! Be patient with the learning process and it will pay off. I wish you great fun with your devices and happy jamming. Stay safe too! :slight_smile:

Hi Miles,

Since you now use both DN and DT, you may have faced the following issue so… feel free to make a short video on it if you wish :slight_smile:


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