Midi Processors with Octatrack

@Wulli thanks, a bomebox is not my priority, maybe one day. I wouldn’t warp my head about it before having it, and it’s possible to test the software.

So you’d want to trigger or play several OT patterns? The simplest is to use Arranger and select a row with a several pattern loop imho.

SPP messages have to be sent on the right timing if you want to chain 2 loops.

DN with a 1/8 scale should work too.
You’d need a midi processor for SPP send only from what you asked…

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OK, thanks for the reply! So the SPP message will change to the pointed position instantly or does it adhere to a structure, e.g. after the current played pattern is done?

Does my one-stop MIDI box exist:

event processor (?multiple)
min 2 in, 4 out (6 would be good)

Right now I have a MIDI solutions merge only, and 2 rather complex midi chains!

  • Bomebox
  • MIDI Translator Pro
  • Powered USB Hub
  • Class Compliant USB to DIN MIDI Interface (such as MIDITech)

You would also be able to power/connect/use USB MIDI via the Hub.
You would be able to create routing options that can be changed Preset style or from pretty much any MIDI Event.

Granted it’s not a ‘one-stop MIDI box’, but you could fix that with some duct tape and leftover cardboard from an Amazon order. Note: I have a 1/2 shelf in a rack case (with rack synths) that holds a BomeBox, hub, 2x2 interface, 5 port thru with double sided foam tape - effectively a rackmount unit that does the above.

Caveat: For the extra special stuff (conditional routing, rechannelising, loading/storing variables, device feedbacks, etc) you’d need to ‘learn’ MIDI Translator Pro, but there are many people excited about helping on the Bome forums and elsewhere.

Edit to Add: This is probably not an option if you are ethically against computers. MIDI Translator scripts need to be created on the computer and then uploaded. In my rig, I have a couple cables that I put one way for the laptop to do the BomeBox duties while I edit scripts, then I swap the cables around, upload the script, and the laptop is out of the mix.

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Thanks @CrepePants, like it, roll your own.
I’d discounted bomebox because I wanted more I/O but maybe I can’t in a single box.
I was just starting to look at the Blokas midihub…

[EDIT] This actually looks like it could do everything I want. This is a video of mapping several CCs to one CC input, including limiting and rescaling the outgoing CCs to get different responses per CC to the same change on the incoming CC. That’s MIDI scenes for OT with a lot of control if I’m right?

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SPP values corresponds to 16ths (steps values).
Can’t explain, I don’t remember wtf I did, but it worked. :content:
SPP messages with midi controller? - #22 by sezare56

NM, forget what I recommended here. See my next post!

I don’t know much about this but it looks really good:

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Midihub has a lot of potential that I haven’t properly explored yet. Multiple CCs w/ ranges on a single knob is certainly possible @subduct. Here’s a post where I detail my initial experiment with using midihub to create an extendable, trigable 16 step CC sequencer for OT:

It’s serviceable. The pipe for each step is completely separate, meaning you could have each step affecting multiple different CCs if you wanted to. Haven’t messed around with the latest firmware but hopefully they improve some things, for example you can’t change specific CC targets outside of the editor last time I used it. But yeah, for sure worth a look in i’d say


That what I think, unless there’s some native workarounds.

Btw I found a midi processing trickery sending OT step position with a chromatic note sequence converted as a variable corresponding to a step position.
Clumsy example, not simple script, but it worked…

OT midi loopback, randomization of rows with random notes on step 5 and 13, direct jump.
Same pattern with 4 different scenes.

Definitely! Thanks for the link. I want to look into it more over this weekend but I checked some of the Cylvester videos on the Blokes site, it can enable loads of stuff:

  • polyphonic OT
  • remap notes to CC and sequence e.g. filter cutoff - could also do program changes (solves the OT-Rytm PC issue)
  • Multiple CC out from one CC in (OT MIDI ‘scenes’)
  • Ccovers my merge (OT and Faderfox EC4) plans and adds more ports. I could add back into the setup MPC for pads and keyboard for notes input. I would need a bigger desk though :slight_smile:
  • Duplicate/modify single MIDI sequence to multiple channels
  • Add more MIDI LFO (generates them too)
  • Possibilities to control it realtime with EC4?
  • Possibilites with generative MIDI?

The forum has good activity and you would expect it to gain features/pipelines since it’s software/editor based. Developers look responsive. For the price it looks well worth a buy & try.

You could do all that and more with a Raspberry Pi running Puredata and a 4x4 class compliant USB interface, but it wouldn’t be nearly as convenient.

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Definitely Midihub is powerful. I use it with two midi thru boxes and it cover all my needs and more!


That is a really nice build. I can’t quite tell, but I’m assuming it’s a 1U rack?

Yes exactly, this one:

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If you don’t need to do really complex processing and just need routing, filtering and channel remapping, you really can’t do much better in terms of price:performance than an old MOTU Midi Timepiece II, which you can pick up for $50 or less pretty easily.

OK, I did some further research, seems to be changing on a 16th note grid, not whole bars (which would make sense based on the 16th resolution of SPP messages). So I’d need to trigger the OT from the DT. The decision to get an OT moves closer :slight_smile:

Does maybe someone know if there is a way to send a MIDI command to OT to activate arranger mode or to change from one arrangement slot to the other (of the eight available)?

Cheers, Wulli

Yep. 1 SPP MSB value is 128 steps (16th).
In Arranger you can determine ROW length, so you can control per row with SPP MSB if they last 128 steps (16th).

AFAIK no other control of Arranger than Play/Stop/Continue and SPP.


I have problem with Miditech thru box and Octatrack. I have OT about one year with thru box and HW synths and everything OK. But when I connected from OT MIDI out Thru box to control DAW, Android synths app etc., and Octatrack made move with crossfader from B to A, it made random CC changes in DAW. When I controlling DAW with OT directly from Midi Out it is working fine. Problem is only via Thru box and only with that DAW etc (MIDI to USB cable). Any ideas where is problem?

OT sends CC48 with crossfader. You can disable it in