Midi controller for OT

I only use 1 page on the LCXL which gives me control over mute, volume, delay amount, and filter control. I don’t need any more control beyond that for my set.

@Geneoart, correct me if I’m wrong, but I think you can’t configure the leds for the buttons on the user presets…? that sucks quite a bit.
I actually was considering getting one for the Octa (I currently use a NanoKontrol, but I wanted more control/better quality/feel) but this kinda throws me off… well, that and the fact that I tried one from a friend today and when connected to my iPad via an Akai EIE audio interface, it makes this LOUD static hum… even in power-saving mode…
I was planning on storing several different templates for different apps… it was quite a let down :frowning:

faderfox uc4
doepfer pocket series

No you can’t change the leds, the color or brightness. I use color tape to give me a quick visual of what track I’m using. Especially the tracks in the middle. It can get confusing, so beware of that. I love using the Launchcontrol XL personally and it’s opened up the OT for me in completely new ways. Now I can’t live without it. The knobs and faders work fantastic. The knods are not continuous but I only stay in 1 page. CALC from Novation wrote the user map on for the LCXL and he did a great job. He has a youtube demo of it. The interface I use between the Launchcontrol and OT is an iconnectmidi 4 and it works perfectly. The iconnectmidi has a great advantage because it’s a midi merger, router and thru box. I can merge a midi keyboard and Launchcontrol xl to control the OT. You should definitely look into that combo. If you really need to configure your leds then maybe a launchpad pro, Livid or Keith McMillan midi controller. I not totally sure on other options.

Hi there! Has anyone succesfully connected an APC40mk2 (through kenton midi host or similar) to the octa as external controller?
I own one, and would be nice to use it since the rotary encoders with led ring are very handful compared to nanokontrol’s knob & similar

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nope the 4th generation of faderfox got variable cc values and midi channels

i have three of them. great controllers but: the rotary encoders everytime jump back to cc value 0 if you switch off device. if you for example trigger the filter of each channel, it will jump back to value 0. thats horrible if you produce with the octatrack and fiddeld arround to find the sweetspot all lost. i think best combination would be uc 4 and pc 4 (if the pc4 would have 8 buttons for mutes it would be perfect, even without faders) for each octatrack. but 450 euro for midi controllers is pretty hard.

Hey all just a note to say that the beatstep makes a great midi controller for the OT.

16 assignable pads (channel and function)
16 assignable buttons (channel and function)
Midi out (!!!)

Super cheap second hand and a small footprint

It is what I am using. Perfect size to sit in front of OT.
I have few presets, but 8 mutes/level for both cue and mains is awesome as mix/remix for OT. To have just all that readily at hand has made OT so much more fun to use.

And the best compact midi controller for OT is :


As starter of this tread my verdict would be the UC4 or maybe more in general stuff from faderfox company.

But off course there is never one best solution, really depends on the user.

Hey there,

Did you find setting up the Novation XL easy to do?
To enter the CALC mapping was it simply drag and drop?

Thanks in advance, I’m new to midi land.

Thanks for the midi maps Calc!
I am seriously considering getting a Novation XL and Kenton midi to usb box to use your mappings.

Just a quick question - will the software work ok in OSX 10.9.5?
And I am assuming it is easy to enter your mapping into the XL?

Thank you.


yeah pretty much. Calc has a walk through as well I think.

The Launchcontrol XL completely opens up the OT. Definitely worth the effort.

thanks! found a place in canada that sells the kenton midi host that ships.

so after watching Calc’s video a bunch of times, you pretty much use the editor program and save all the templates 1 to 8 (master) and then recall them using the user button at top right?
can’t wait to make using the octatrack so much easier to perform with.

i’m a total newbie to this stuff and really appreciate everyone’s help!

mathias at faderfox totally explained how i can also use his new mx12 controller in my setup to take advantage of performing with the rytm too… very stoked.

Thinking about getting a controller, but I also have an Electribe 2. So I just wanted to check if anyone tried using it as a controller? I guess track mutes/solos could be pretty straight forward, but I’m not sure how one would control the levels in a good way…

Have the Kenton USB host working well with Control XL and the OT!

Not too hard to set up thank goodness.
Might need to make some labels for the knobs though.

just an update here from the bitstream front… it was running for a while until it just dropped out on me on a gig, just stopped sending midi to the OT.
back at home I needed to make a firmware update in order to use the software again on OSX, now I cant connect to the machine as well… got tired after 2 days of trying and sold the device. works fine with ableton and midi mapping. So I guess i gotta give the faderfox a try. Cant imaging using the OT without an external controller to have volume control over my 8 tracks… :slight_smile: so for osx interested ppl I cant recommend the bitstream.