Midi controller for OT

Wouldn’t this be perfect for the OT?


I am looking for such a device.

it kind of makes me think of the Behringer BCR2000, probably cheaper and older but still does the job, at least for me

Looks like a remake of the M-Audio UC 33e, the good old workhorse of early days USB Midi controllers. I would consider it if it had 8 instead of 6 linefaders.

Yep, same as hny here: too bad there are only 6 faders.

I have a QuNeo that I want to try with the OT but didn’t yet.
Having used it with a computer: faders are definitely not the strong point of the QuNeo though.

look at this :



Try to integrate a bcr2000 in my setup since 4 weeks.

Main reason was to have more knobs for my Shruthi-1. For OT and MD it does it’s job like track muting or individual track levels, or having master effects for MD with individual track level send, etc …

BUT the FEELING … mmmhhh … These encoders are so different (un)tight and wobbly

But it does it’s job for a “low” price.

since i sold my uc-33 years ago, i’m thinking about either mpd 32 (8 faders, 8 pads for triggering tracks, 8 pads for mute…stuff) or just 8 (loooong) faders + 1 encoder above each with the livid instruments builder series (4 to each side of the OT, would fit nicely in a custom built wooden frame on top of that drum brain stand i bought/improvised for the OT)…haven’t come to a decision yet, though…or used uc-33 :slight_smile: ?

The Doepfer Regelwerk always looked like a fun tool.

Sadly I sold mine to fund the Octatrack a couple of months back.

I never really used it, but can really see it could have been a good match.

I am currently looking at building myself a custom midi controller.


That was the first product demo shot at ladies toilets I ever saw. At least it looks like that. And the pink header of the page. That’s the right way to express “boutique” character of the device :slight_smile:

i know what you mean. if you got the money to spend try Livid Instruments “Code”. 32 LED lit (push) encoders and its built like a tank.

What Octratrack functions would most benefit from an external controller?
Track mute and solo are needs for me.

Shameless plug,


Haha. :slight_smile:

I am actually going to build my own one.

I have done some extended midi mapping this weekend. I can control my MD (crt-all, delay parameters) and A4 (performance parameters) now via the OT.

However, it would be nice to have all the midi knobs available on midi controller.

I know the OT crossfader doesn’t respond to midi parameters. However, if we program extern controller with a fader as midi-in we can set-up such a application ourself isn’t it?

The Octracontrol looks very nice built…but can you also program multiple midi parameters to the different faders?..I mean I use the octatrack mainly as midi controller for external gear and do not care about level control of the OT tracks so much.

OT crossfader = cc48 if I remember correctly, I discovered it yesterday.

Hey – never really used MIDI before (though hoping to eventually interface the OT with my modular) so how would I go about connecting a MIDI controller to the OT like the Nanokontrol, which uses a mini-USB output? Would it have to go through a computer, or a MIDI interface or something? Cheers.

If you wanted to use the nano control to control the OT without going through a computer then you’ll need a usb host device like this:


It only works with midi controllers that are class compliant ( work without drivers). The nano control is…

Or, if you want to future proof yourself…

It isn’t available quite yet but if you can wait and can afford what will undoubtedly be the swiss army knife of midi integration ( with audio pass-through technology) then this will keep you covered for the foreseeable future, especially if you see yourself wanting to integrate iPad, desktop and up to 8 usb midi/audio devices via a powered hub. Could be overkill though for your current requirements…


Hello guys!

I recently built myself an USB-MIDI to Serial MIDI converter using Arduino and an USB-Host Shield 2.0. If someone is interested drop me a line and I will provide with the Sketch.

I tested Korg nanokeys, nanokontrol, Korg MS20 MIDI controller, APC 20… Quneo… and seems to works fantastic.

The best thing IMO is that the Arduino code allows for HUB use… Using a cheap USB HUB I managed to connect 4 MIDI devices simultaneously and merge them at the MIDI serial output. Also managed to use a Wiimote to control the OT without computer… awsome…

I have a video but Audio is in Spanish, sorry, you can skip to the end to see the APC20 controlling the 8 volumes of the OT.

More videos soon of the thingy in action!!


Sadly I sold mine to fund the Octatrack a couple of months back.

I never really used it, but can really see it could have been a good match.

I am currently looking at building myself a custom midi controller.[/quote]

just curious, if $ is not a concern, how advanced midi controller for ot can you buy, build.

can anyone custom build one for ot?