Midi controller for OT

I never use a computer for live performance. The computer is only a studio tool for me.The controller is going into the iconnectmidi4 then straight midi out to the OT. The OT sends clock to all her friends. No connection to the computer needed.

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I’m not sure about the Pyramid. Looks like the Pyramid can do a lot of interesting things.

The Pyramid can control OT and external midi, but it does not have as many knobs, or the faders, of the Launch Control XL. The Pyramid seems more focused on sequencing, where the Launch Control XL could be used to tweak stuff during play.

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How do like the Pyramid? I’m intrigued.

I have enjoyed it so far. I have only been making music for a couple of months, and I have never made music before. So feel like I do not have a great depth of knowledge with which to judge it.

I like that it controls a lot of midi devices, it feels like it could be the center of my setup. I like that it is easy to jump around between instruments and make changes. I like the midi FXs. They can be chained and edited later. I like the Euclidean step mode.

I wish the pads had velocity sensors. I wish the pads had more colors to show different modes/states.

Squarp seem really dedicated to updating the software. That is one of the reasons I bought it.

You might want to receive in-depth opinion on this dedicated thread :slight_smile:

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I’m looking for a MIDI controller for the Octatrack but all the choices are confusing. Also, it is hard to tell which ones will actually work with the Octatrack and which ones have mappings available.

I’d like:

8 fades for controlling audio track volume
8 pads to play the each audio track sample, finger drum style
8 buttons for audio track mutes
16 buttons for pattern selection
16 endless rotary knobs for other track parameters
No need for MIDI host or extra MIDI boxes

Is this too ambitious or even possible? Could any current controller do this?

Thank you for your help!



Damn, I had a feeling it was too ambitious.

If I were to be less ambitious, what would you recommend?

My most wanted features would be:

8 fades for controlling audio track volume
8 pads to play the each audio track sample, finger drum style
8 buttons for audio track mutes
lots of assignable rotary knobs

Can you still only select patterns via the OT? I read somewhere.

The Novation Launch Control XL, FaderFox UC44, and Machinewerks CS x51 all look interesting with perhaps the UC44 coming closest to what I want. No?

There’s been no support on machinewerks controller since release
The buttons can toggle on/off or be like normal pads
I think they only light up if used as ableton controller
And it can only do cc’s , but at least each can be assigned midi channel
The mixer thing has no mid point feeling , mine isn’t quite in the middle when it reads 0

Also , it’s only got 1 profile at a time , to change settings you need to update via editor

Build quality is good.
I got mine for £125

Perhaps try a native instruments thing. New jam controller can probably be setup as controller though it would be expensive I think.

while Im here asking noob questions…

can you use two MIDI controllers at the same time with the OT?

Something like a Novation LaunchControl XL + something with pads would be great.

Would I need a special MIDI box to use two controllers?

Midi merge box required.

Yeah you can use 2 controllers.
If you use a laptop you could route the controllers “thru” your DAW, and use a MIO MIDI to USB adapter, no need for a merge box.
There’s also “merge” cables, for example you can find a 2>1, or 3>1 etc, about $30.

Personally I think merge/thru boxes are a waste of money when you can get a used Motu Midi Xpress XT for $40-$60.

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Although you didn’t mention keys, any of the Novation ReMote series should work.
They have nice keys, and meet almost all of your requirements.
The Zero SL has no keys, but all the other controls.
Personally I like the older silver Novation ReMotes, they have 4 Function buttons, which are like FAST UI presets, basically each Fn button selects a different layout (mapping) for the controller. Super easy/fast selection.
The SL series dont do this, they have a rotary encoder, nice but very different.

If you go down this path, and you’re a wee bit tech savy, I recommend looking in to Bomes, or the new BomeBox.
If like a swiss army knife for midi’d up gear.

I’m using a Kenton MIDI merge to pass Usamo Clock, LCXL and AK (external keyboard control) through to the Octatrack (and then passing onto everything else in the MIDI chain)… it works beautifully.

Great! You are using a USB to MIDI box too with the LCXL?

Thanks for the replies. The SL series looks perfect.

A LCXL along with a SL 25 Mkii would be awesome if I could map them to do what I want.

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You can, it’s pretty simple

BTW… any rackmount midi controllers available? Can’t really find anything…

(edit… aside from the Oktakontrol)

Another angle: what about using an ipad for fader/mute control? I’ve been looking into Touchable today - it seems like a pretty slick and functional way of controlling Live, and it has a section where you can design custom surfaces so it can potentially work with the OT. I understand a lot of you guys are hardware only but if you already have a computer and ipad as stable bits of your studio this could potentially be a good solution. Will give it a shot and report back.