Midi Bank Select (outgoing)


Oh, nice, with microtiming, I see!


Btw is it weird it works. I’d like people could confirm it!


This is one of those things that should be in a FAQ. I’ll test your way next time I’ll sit down with my OT.


I managed doing a Bank and Program Change on the SRC menu just by using a IConnect Midi 4+ and remap the right channel …
Tonight I will try other options again


Digitone OS 1.20 introduces a new SBNK parameter for its MIDI sequencer tracks that sends CC32. Elektron even says that this is a bug fix in the release notes. :content: Can we hope that Elektron provides a similar bug fix for the Octatrack after all these years?

Edit to add: let’s hope Elektron gets it right if they try a similar bug fix on the OT: