Midi Bank Select (outgoing)


Here’s how you can do bank changes on the Octatrack for the Nord Drum 2:


Yup and that leverages the PC message from changing patterns.


Can someone explain why the bank function of the program change doesn’t seem to work ?

Midi Bank Change (incoming)

To clarify your question, could you give us some details of what you are trying to achieve?


I would like my synths to change preset automatically when I change part on the OT.
I understood that the program change only works on part and not by pattern which is a shame.

I have 2 out board synths controlled by midi, a shruthi and Modor .
On the Shruthi the program changes with the part but only within the first bank (0-127) no matter what the bank setting is on.

On the modor the patch also only changes within the 32 patches of 1 bank, but the bank seems to be completely randomly generated.

On the modor I also tryed using the CC32 command to change bank and although it claims to be changing bank by the on screen message , nothing actually happens.

Hope that makes sense.


You can have the OT send out a Program Change message when its pattern changes, with the limitation that the PC number will correspond to the new pattern number on the OT (A01 = 0, A02 = 1 etc).

Which firmware is the Shruthi running?

It’s hard to tell what’s actually happening. You need to send the CC 32 message immediately before the Program Change message, and you need to deactivate completely the Bank selection on the OT.


The Shruthi is running 0.97 for the performance page.

I don’t understand how to do that. (apart from deactivating the bank selection)


Ok, I think i’ve sussed it, thanks to @vehka 's helpful post above.

My brain is hurting but I’m happy :rofl:

Thanks all :hugs:


Hi everyone !
I will need your help on this one …
I having a hard time to set properly a program change on the NL4.

I’m using a Octatrack to sequence and send program change to the little red monster…
I’m able to change the program but not the bank …

Can someone tell me how it set it up to be able to have both, Bank and Program respond

Thanks :slight_smile:


This is a well-known problem with the OT’s MIDI sequencer not sending the correct MIDI messages:

The NL4 uses MIDI Control Change messages 0 and 32 for receipt of Bank Select messages. See the “MIDI” chapter of the NL4 manual.

The workaround on the OT is to send MIDI CC 0 and 32 messages (I believe the values to send would be 0 and the desired bank number, respectively) immediately before sending a Program Change message, as described in previous posts in this topic.

I encourage you to send a support ticket to Elektron to ask them to address the problem with the OT.


Man, you answer that one maybe even more than I answer the sample slot question… :grin:


Hah, and you forgot to mention that the OT will not send the message if it is identical to the last one it sent.

So in this situation it will look like it doesn’t work: You start the sequencer, the CC’s are sent to the external synth, which changes accordingly as expected. Then you change the patch on the external synth manually (for whatever reason: because you’re jamming, because you edit sounds, whatever). When you restart the sequence on the OT (can be hours later), the CC’s will NOT be sent. This is not a bug, but default behaviour and can be very disturbing…

For this reason (I like to change patches, or patterns on my Digitone manually while playing) I do not use any Elektron device for initial patch/pattern changes. I prefer to use a external Midi Controller.


This is not a problem with the only octatrack. I have other pieces of gear which present the exact same behaviour…And it is even more disturbing when it comes from something like the pyramid. I’m normally not the one who defend elektron, but this time, it is maybe more of a midi problem…


Definitely not an midi problem, but a design choice. I use extrernal midi controllers to change patches/sounds/banks/patterns and it just works fine.


Hi ! Thanks for your answer ?
I might do something wrong…

This is what I do to select the program 2.4 on the synth.

On the midi track 1, on SRC:

-Channel 12 (it’s the one I’m using for the NL4)
-Bank 2
-Prog 4


ON midi control 1 page
CC2 0
CC3 3 ( as the 0 is 1, 1 is 2, 2 is 3, …)

And nothing … snif


Not responding to the last post but just a general comment…

If your synth attached to OT can run in what’s known as “local off” mode and you enable cc direct connect then not only any changes to CC knobs and plocks made on the OT will affect the synth but also changing the knobs on the synth that are assigned to CC’s on OT will change the parameters on the OT. If you can configure this correctly you can change parameters or program on the synth and the OT registers that as a new value so it will indeed send a CC or Program Change even if it is the same as the last value sent from the sequencer…

Local off basically cuts off internal control of a synths parameters from its own buttons and knobs and instead sends midi for everything. You then run that midi into OT which bounces it right back to the synth. There is no change in the behavior of the synth but the OT now sits in between the synths knobs and the actual internal sound engine of the synth so it can register that values have changed when you turn synth knobs. Now the sequencer will send a CC it wouldn’t have if the synth wasn’t in local off because any synth knob movements to knobs assigned to OT CC’s are now value changes on the OT…


That was a very useful and comprehensive explanation, @Open_Mike. Nevre used this, but certainly will . Thanks!


Cc00 cc32 and Pc have to be in the right order.
It is doable, but pita. As similar message are sent only once, you also have to them to different values just before. I’d use a midi processor.


If you want a bank change, you need to do a part change in Octa. See this post:


See my above post too! :stuck_out_tongue:
I found a way to send CCs before the PC, on same pattern. On your post, it’s previous pattern.

Good to remember you need a part change!