Midi Bank Select (outgoing)


Only 10 events vs 32.
If you have more ideas/needs, you’ll need more events.
I used the max 32 events and Midipal to make A4 4x2 paraphonic.

Rk002 is cheaper and can be programmed deeper, but you have to understand how to use the libraries.


Due to current impact on me, I would like to show a solution for this.

I wanted to change Banks on my newly aquired (GAS sucks. Oh yeah it does.) Lexicon MPX500, only the Program Change worked. The workaround via sending CC32 to switch the Bank brought me to this:

As I own a iConnectivity Midi4+ (again thx to @Open_Mike for recommendation), one can remap the Bank select 0 to Bank select on 32 like in this screenshot

I paid 130€ for mine, so take a look at the second hand pages. It also has USB-Host functionality for up to eight (8!!!) devices.




I know this is an old post but in case anyone else is having this issue - the Nord Drum 2 actually doesn’t change the bank until it receives these 3 messages, in this order: bank LSB (always 0), MSB (0-7), and then a program change. You can change the program only but the bank change must always be followed by a program change for the ND2 to respond to it.

Digitone + Nord Drum 2

I read this in the manual as well, but I don’t get how I would manage this with the Octatrack


It’s possible but not practical at all.


Yeah I have it too, and it can do midi mapping filtering too indeed.


Before I buy an event processor just for this use I might consider replacing the nd with a md


Why multimap for drums? :slight_smile:


Up to 128 drum sounds, sequenced with MD’s 16 tracks, with or without plocking.

Better than 4 sounds, no ? :slight_smile:


Have to look into multi map again

What do you plock? Midi cc?


better get an iconnect midi thing. 2+ or 4+, used. way cheaper than taht processor and way more possibilities.


Would need one for my ipad anyway


this box solved ALL of my problems at once. and you have usb host functionality as well, so go and grab one, you won’T regret.
I own mine for a good week now. have filters and routing on some of the boxes, nothing interferes anymore, just awesome.
edit: all of my MIDI problems, though. the rest remains. hoping for an update :metal:


Thanks once again. Always was too lazy to try it.
Finally controlling 128 A4 drum sounds and performance macros from the OT :content:


From my MD + A4 tests, still better from OT. Arp, Lfos on vel, len, arp speed/mode/len, macros…
Maybe you won’t need PC / Bank anymore. :slight_smile:


What @sezare56 said, basically. The OT’s program change transmission is effectively only useful for syncing pattern changes with other Elektrons. To send a program change within a sequence, you have to somehow convert an OT MIDI message (like a note or CC) to a program change, or otherwise send them from elsewhere (MnM, Digitakt, etc.)


With notes you can use arp. Program changes can be very musical that way.

I plan to use random PCs in order to changes between instruments of a same family (General Midi) for my QY100.
Several organ sounds, xylos, bells, drum kits…
Lfo random on a CC, mapped to PC low depth values, depending on sound range I want.
Makes general midi much more alive.


Exactly what I did yesterday. Pretty amazing!!
How do you use 16 MD midi channels for the Multi Map? All to performance channel triggering different notes of the Map? A4 still can only play 4 sound at a time?

At the moment I’m to blown away by multi map :wink: No time to think about PC :smiley:
If I keep my DT I can do it from there


Yep. The main advantage is that you can select your sounds by ear with the 16 track triggers.
Midi slides are interesting too.
It’s not possible to add lfos on vel / notes without a CTR 8P machine. That’s really anoying me.

A4 still have only 4 voices poly but even if you add track sound notes, even 3 notes chords, it’s still very interesting.


thanks for that. I’ll use that very often now