It’s a bit tricky.
Velo to Reso
Wheel to Decay2
AfTouch to Env2

Instant change or little lag / noise / click ? My Blofeld was great for that, I was sending a different program change just before each notes without artefacts (except with particular patches).


I didn’t test it very much, I was just using the DT’s program change parameter to scroll through presets on the Monsta and it looked like it reacted pretty fast. I’m actually not sure if there are any pauses or clicks if it’s “mid sound” like you’re saying. I will test it tonight though!


If you want to try MPE, you can assign different parameters to velocity, aftertouch, CC1 mod wheell, and use CC74 for cutof, pitchbend eventually.
1 track with channel 1 for global control, other tracks with different channels, notes, settings. :wink:


I just did a quick test putting a note on every step each with different program changes, played at different tempos (30 to 300)

also live-recorded randomly changing the program number onto the sequence

I can’t notice any lag or silence, it seems to change instantly, or at least in time for the note to start.
Of course it is a little hard to tell on some because a lot of presets are pads and such but I did make sure to look for some “instant” sounds.

I did notice some clicks when moving from specific patches to another, I’m not really sure what it’s related to. But definitely wasn’t clicking on EVERY step, just certain ones, and I could change the programs to different stuff and it would go away depending on what I set it to. Maybe drastic volume changes, or something in the MM engine changing too quickly.

When I threw in some drum beats I couldn’t even hear the clicks anymore. Sorry for no recording, I don’t have it set up for that at the moment :frowning:


Thanks for tests, I’d need to use my MD for Pchanges at each step, or a midi processor. I made some tests with OT, seems good, little clicks may be related to attack / release settings.


That’s what I was thinking too.
Also I was just playing with it some more and noticed also the FX engine cuts off abruptly when changing patches.
I even used two patches that use the same delay FX with a similar mix level and I can’t hear the delay “carrying over” when the patch changes. Not that I expect it to work, since that’s not really what this synth is meant for, but it’s good to be aware of I guess (if anyone else knows for sure and I’m wrong on this please speak up, I’m just testing by ear and could be wrong!)

Anyway, if you were to specifically design patches with those limitations in mind (don’t expect FX to carry over, and know that if a sound is currently playing when you switch to another, you MIGHT get clicks) - with those in mind, I think it shouldl be possible to make a lot of variety in one track. Especially if you were to use short stabby sounds, drum sounds etc. It definitely seems to be “on time” with the program changes - no lag on the steps.


I’m still enjoying a lot the little monster ! :slight_smile:
Going further in the idea to mimic multi-timbrality, I recorded the MM in one take, processing it with OT, sending CCs for the 2 oscs (chords) / sub (bass) / noise (percussive sounds).
Just another test, but I’m really impressed by MM+OT potential. I used midi learn, easy CC assignments. Now I don’t use MPE mode, with less midi controls.

Clipping sometimes, wrong settings.

MicroMonsta vs Octatrack - One bar / patch / take - No samples


Sounds really great!


I’m really impressed by what you did with those 2 guys…


Very cool! I’m just getting started with the micromonsta and plan to use it similarly with my Octatrack. I’m not sure if there will be issues in terms of handling so many CC changes but I want to set up multiple tracks all going at the MM with each track blocked out for a specific group of parameters. Note data will come on track one while using the other 7 for another 42 different CCs to be p-locked and manipulated.


Reaching 127 from 0 seems slower when receiving midi. No major issue apparently. Anyway midi protocol is limited. You can’t send too much information at the same time. I got used to send the minimum. For ex I use Hold for midi lfos, so that you send a CC only when note is played.


Since MIDI is a serial protocol you can send exactly one bit at the same time (at a rate of 31.25 kbit/s for a standard MIDI DIN connection).


These are back in stock right now, ordered one a couple of days back.


The new units have new paint!


Arg I’m jealous. If I buy a new one, they won’t be the same ! :smile:

Double Drummer :


I got mine today and it came with these!


Did you get a bottle opener? I used mine today :slight_smile:


Mine will be here the next days, really looking forward .

I am also really happy to see the little visual improvement, that all knobs now point to their destinations, I missed that in the MK 1 version :wink:

Any other difference known?


Yeah got that too:) Haven’t had a chance to use it yet!


Still didn’t use it. Tonight !