I could not find a dedicated Micromonsta thread so here goes.
I’m considering buying one.
I think it would complement the A4 well, adding 8 voices of polyphony into the mix.
I have seen a few great videos, but it does not seem to get talked about much online, perhaps due to the fact it is sold in small number of units.
I would like to know about your experience with it, particularly paired with elektron gear.
I have read the specs, seems extensive.
I have seen a great artist use two with OT, blofeld, and it sounds great, but I have trouble isolating the micromonsta sound.
My other option is waiting and saving for something higher end, such as a nord lead 4r module. But this will take some time. I already have some digital polys such as Monomachine, JU-06, JX-03, JP-08 and circuit.
I dont really need it so much as i want to just play around with it.
Your opinions please.




Pretty hard to beat the price (and size) of Micromonsta for what it does. If I didn’t already have an actual PPG, I’d have bought the Micromonsta a long time ago. I love wavetable synths and am always a sucker for a new take on the technology. Even though I absolutely do not need one, I’ve had the product page bookmarked for ages! :blush:


One of these plus a Digitakt/OT/MPC Live would be interesting!

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i’ve nearly bought one so many times, also interested in some feedback…

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I’m interested as well. Sometimes, I really like its sound; other times, the sound is meh to me.

I have one. Whatcha wanna know? :slight_smile:

I really like it. It’s fairly well built (the buttons are plastic, but alright), and it’s actually pretty quick to program. I haven’t really dug deep into what it can do, mostly just going through and customizing the presets, but seems very very versatile.

There are some things you need to learn, for instance the ‘scaler’ logic isn’t something that’s familiar from other synths, but nothing too out there. The effects are nice… Yeah. Ask away!

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Would you be willing to post demos? I’m most interested in how the raw Phase Distortion waves sound as they are modulated; in particular, the trapezoid one.

have you used the arp much?

Okay, I’ll gladly do this - such a specific request btw :slight_smile: give me a day or two, I have to sleep, work and dad a bit, but I’ll squeeze in the time to try this.

Concerning the arp- haven’t really used it yet, been too busy step sequencing. But seems pretty fully featured, randomization options and all.

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@Supermows you may shine and share your knowledge :smile:


is it monotimbral? or multitimbral?

monotimbral; no layering as well

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It’s a great synth that can do it all, in a tiny lightweight box (it’s a plastic box). It’s such a bargain that I understand most people’s hesitation. But if you’re looking for 8 voices and plenty of presets and sound design options it’s a great little box.

Yes! I I’m the one having two :slight_smile: . So I can only recommend it. Such a great sound, and really nice to play with it live, assignable encoders per preset is so helpful


How do you find it compared to the blofeld in terms of sound, programming, usability with your OT.
What advantage is it owning two, other than the 16 voice polyphony?

It’s funny how many times I’ve been asked that @Cosmic :slight_smile: let me just copy and paste:

Earl Epstein I’ve been asked this several times :slight_smile: although they have similar specs I think they fit together nicely. Blofeld is multitimbral so if you need more sounds at a time go for it (or get many micromonstas :slight_smile: ) also blofeld pads are hard to beat. Micromonsta sounds a bit “punchier” to me, and the assignable encoders make it perfect for live performance (forget about live performance with the blofeld without an external controller). Also the micromonsta delay is huge, you could make a track with a single patch, check some of my demos to see what I talk about!

I would say go for both :wink:

Thanks for your words!


@bedale it has some nice microbrute alike patches. It seems to me they would need some more character, I would say it’s not one strength. But to be honest I’ve never used it for basses, and never explored that deeply, so I may be wrong. I think the strongest point is evolving deep panned keys/pads

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@Cosmic, about having two, it’s just that being monotimbral you can just have one micromonsta sound at a time. I liked it so much I had to get another one :slight_smile: actually I’ve never chained them to get 16 voices (and never found it necessary)


Thank you for the detailed information. I love your long set you really get the best out of all your machines.

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