Magnetic ! Closer. :beer:

Unfortunately the bottle opener is mono.



Lancelot brewery ftw!!

Cool, a new OT companion :wink:


With moderation! :smile:


Off topic : Fruits from garden ?
Nice activity. Same here. That permit thinking about music.


? :slight_smile:

Tomate Berkeley. :wink:
Music is also a recipe.


Dang imagine one that let you open 8 beers at the same time :exploding_head:


Already imagined something more efficient :

Tribute to @jb :wink:


Monday I received one and I’m curious about one thing, Micromonsta has the ability to reset some parameters to default value when pushing the corresponding encoder but I cannot find anywhere the list, you guys know something about? at least most useful ones?

The manual only says:

all bipolar parameters for example.

so there are more…
(page 7, Editing parameters section)


Just read it “all bipolar parameters period:wink:


haha thanks! that was an easy one then.

Great synth, I felt in love as soon as I turned it on.


Im getting one today, what is the best feature of the Micromonsta??
(I just bought to see it it fits into my vision for my setup without listening or reading about it)


The voice use lights that come on and off while playing it. :slight_smile: The way they kind of “glow” on and fade out.


Does anybody know, if the chorder (chord) settings are stored per patch on the micromonsta? It is not clear to me from the manual…

also, are the 384 presets organised in 3 banks with 128 each? Im interested in this regarding programm change via elektron patterns - so for each of the 128 patterns in a project one patch…?! (of a certain bank)


I can try tonight, in 2 or 3 hours…
Quote me if I forget!


Not the newest, shiniest thing out there, but I just ordered one :slight_smile:


Yeah, mine is arriving in the next day or two as well. I don’t need it, but I am a sucker for roll-your-own wavetables…:grinning:


@nionmu so yes, chords / scale / arp seq are saved per patch, 3 banks of 128, bank select + program change.
I don’t know if bank select is CC0 or CC32 or both. By default I think it loads 1-128 patches.


thank you :+1:t2: appreciate it…

sounds good. i am thinking about sequencing micromonsta from my a4 cv track via kenton cv to midi… to get some polyphony without using a4 voices… maybe i should buy one :thinking:


Did you try the Kenton with other synth?
Do you think you can control 4 voices?
Cv + gate > 2 voices max no?

Edit : hence Chords question. :wink:

I guess you’d also have to use a midi merger for Prog Change…