could some wise person tell me how to upgrade to the latest firmware please. i have the synth ready to receive the file but i’m stuck getting it from pc to micromonsta. much appreciated in advance…


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I have a Mac so it might be a little differnt, but you just run it as a command line app with your MM connected by USB cable and it just works. So on Windows, you should just extract the zip file somehwre, and then just to double-click on the update_firmware.cmd file in Windows Explorer and it’ll run through a bunch of command line stuff and update it.


All you need is there, follow these instructions with care


Nope it’s a bit more complicated on Windows.
The step by step tutorial is the reference to follow.


thanks, hadn’t seen that page will give it a go


Ah thanks for the clarification @elektrosamplist


when i run zadig there is no sign of STM32 BOOTLOADER. the list of devices only shows an unknown device which windows doesn’t recognise and disables. i’m clearly doing something wrong but can’t figure it out


Try different USB ports, USB3 is problematic on some configurations.
Don’t use a hub too.
Note that you’ll see STM32 BOOTLOADER in zadig only if the MM is in update mode.


its def in update mode, i’ll try other ports and cables… thanks


got it, appears to have been the cable. thanks for your help


Hi there. Happy new owner of MM.
I just tried MPE mode (Multidimensional Polyphonic Expression) with Octatrack.

Channel 1 is for common control, other channels can have individual control for notes and :
Filter Cutoff Frequency

I mapped Aftertouch to Env2 with Scaler, and Modwheel to Env 2 Decay.
Random control with OT’s lfos.

Any other users experiences ?
Do you know if you can use other midi CCs for control ? I thought there were more available controls to make MM kind of multitimbral, but it is not ! Still very interesting, I’d like to try an MPE controller !


i haven’t tried MPE mode and i’m not even sure if this is what your after, but you can download the micromonsta midi map pdf from here https://www.audiothingies.com/dl/?dir=micromonsta/docs

on my DT i set up cc’s for filter cutoff, res and envelope, eq, drive, lfo2 rate and fx mix


Thanks. I have that doc too, used control changes and even NRPN to change Oscs algo and Filter Type ! :thup:

MPE works differently and you can’t control everything, but you can have individual control per voice / channel.

I just want to know if I missed other available parameters for midi control in MPE mode than :

Filter Cutoff Frequency
(Bank / Program Change ?)


I think only its creator can help you on that since you already quoted all infos from the manual.


I’m asking and sharing at the same time !
I recommend to test MPE. :wink:

@elektrosamplist can confirm of course, or someone who tested all CC/NRPN…:tongue:


MPE is not designed to turn any monotimbral synth into multitimbral.
You quoted the manual, it contains the answer to your question, no need to try anything else, it’s all there.


Thanks to confirm. Not multitimbral, but with different values per channel for waveshape, decay, cutoff for example you can mimic it ! :slight_smile:

McMillen’s K-board 4 Pro supports MPE too.


Here is a test with MM MPE mode.
Tried to mimic mutitimbrality, with kind of drums, bass, chords with different decay / filter settings per voice.
One bar sequenced by OT, one program, one take, MM only.


Damn dude, that is really cool, thank you for sharing, I’m assuming one could do the same thing from the DT as well.

I haven’t messed too much with parameter locking stuff on the Monsta yet but I did notice it seems to react very quick to program changes which was nice to see