wow, looks like they sold out again in 24 hours.


i’m willing to be corrected but as far as i can tell they work like elektrons


thanks, i watched a few more vids and thats what i gathered as well.


What do you mean ?


They both have knobs.


i was replying to this question


yup i can confirm that is factual :grin:


Sorry, I had missed it…
Good to know !


no probs… when you sequence the monsta from the mnm the behaviour is very similar


The Micromonsta was listed as out of stock when I ordered last month. I ordered it on a Monday night and it was in my hands (Massachusetts) the following Tuesday. I can’t say for sure what his methods are for keeping products in stock (made to order I think?) but I wouldn’t expect a long wait if you order it now. He’s also very accessible, I bet he’d get back to you pretty quick if you sent him an email.


Thanks. Tried to order but I click the order button and it doesn’t do anything. Thought might be my phone so tried on the laptop and got the same thing. Was thinking it was disabled cus it was out of stock.

Emailed him Tuesday but haven’t had a response yet.


I do not really build them to order.
I usually have a batch of boards assembled for me in a factory in France, and the cases are also made in another factory in France.
When I get these home, I still have to solder a couple things on the board, program it, test it, encase it, add knobs, etc… and finally pack it into its box.
And instead of spending the whole day doing this, I share my time between this, packing and working on other future designs. Usually this is transparent to customers, and a backorder ships quite fast.
But when the batch is nearly sold out (as it is the case these days), I am cautious with backorders because I don’t want to take an order I cannot ship within a reasonable time. This is why some of you couldn’t order this week.
Very last units from this batch are available now. Next batch next month in May.


Indeed it was disabled - see my previous post why.


Thanks. Got your email. Order placed. Thank you.


hah thanks for clearing that up. Also, I’d like to say thanks for the Micromonsta :smiley: this thing is perfect for what I need. It’s no mystery why it’s becoming such a highly recommended product in the synth community !


Received mine a week or so ago. Loving it.

currently sitting flat on my desk but want to angle 40ish degrees.

Havent much space to play with for a stand though width a depth wise. Only something slightly bigger than the beast itself.

Anyone any ideas.




FYI there’s a new firmware update for the Micromonsta


Recieved my Micromonsta yesterday and i must say: what a great little synth!
Shipping was super quick also.
This is definitely a keeper. The thing really is super easy to program and sounds gigantic.

There is only one thing i can not seem to figure out: how do i control CUTOFF ENV2 MOD
(4th parameter on the filter page)
I must be a little slow or something but i can´t find the corresponding CC number.


Should be CC85


Thanks for the quick reply.
CC85 it is.
I only downloaded the first page of the midimap pdf. It goes up to CC84 :slight_smile: