Yes indeed…
But next month I trade a part of my money for 1 day free each week.
So I have to go easy on the synths !


Ordered one today.

Cannot wait.


The first sound layer you hear here its a wavetable patch on micromonsta run through reverb pedal


DHL let me down, mine was meant to arrive today but didn’t


arrived today, love it already :heart_eyes:


How long was your wait mate?


ordered it sunday, so 3 days if DHL hadn’t lost a day


Banging. Ordered mine yesterday, so a conservative guess would make it weds delivery factoring in the weekend. Cheers.


yeh man, no doubt


i bought mine to replace a tb3, gotta say the mm shits all over it from a great height… :joy:


It will ship next week, most probably on Tuesday.


How are you finding the micromonsta btw?


So far I’m really impressed. Have not had a lot of time to play with it though. I wanted a capable poly to provide background drones or chords without having to “waste” a voice on the AK. But I’m finding its way more capable. Don’t care it’s digital. Even with its onboard fx it doesn’t sound digital.

What’s even more impressive is the guy that runs the company. Site said they were back ordered… placed order anyway. A few days AFTER I ordered an AK from a large us music entailer. I got the micromonsta from France ina week came before me AK!

We live in amazing times where a random dude in France can build boutique synths, sell them worldwide with a service level that’s better than some large companies.

And he included an audio thingy bottle opener and a couple weird caramel candies…:rofl:

Is Carmel a French thing? :slight_smile:


Yeah mine arrived a few weeks ago, and I was suitably impressed with the the whole process.

I’m very much enjoying it as well. I have a blofeld and the micromonsta as my digital synths, and I’m seriously considering selling the blofeld. I love the blofeld, it’s an amazing synth with as much depth as you want, however I’m feeling there’s too much overlap between them, and as the micromonsta is a smaller format, it may just get the edge over the blofeld.

Have you tried the wavetables yet? I hear good things however I haven’t gotten around to that yet.

BTW I’ve saved my sweets for a time when I’m in the studio and either haven’t eaten as I’m too wrapped up in a project, or for when I have a complete writers block, and need some sugar to get me going again!

No idea where the stickers are going to go! I have so many stickers…


I have a blofeld too but really itching for the little monsta. Maybe too much overlap? Depends on what other gear you have too.


I guess the micromonsta is more powerful from synthesis point of view than the blofeld. but a bit less effects rather than the blofeld (not so much but a few)


I wouldnt assume that, blofeld has the matrix. Blofeld is also multi timbral. The monsta has its own tricks and nice interface. Monsta also has some fx and matrix.


Definitely placing order within next couple of weeks.


thanks for those that have posted videos. i couldnt tell from them, but since i noticed that the controls are all midi-based, i.e. 128 steps, do things like the filter cutoff step or does the micromonsta somehow interpolate between steps (similar to how elektrons work)???


When these babies are out of stock can I not order one?