Here you go:

First, the PD trapezoid waveshape modulated by LFO1, I’m adjusting LFO speed and amount.
Then, FM.

Hope I got your request right :slight_smile:


Awesome, thanks a ton! Sounds better than I imagined; almost like a formant filter.


Trapezoid waves for oscillators are pretty unique. I like them because they sound like a characterful sine wave to me; kind of like a clipped sine or triangle wave. Phase distortion is also unique. I can’t think of any digital hardware synths besides the Casio CZ range that offer it.


Okay, that’s interesting! The mutable instruments Braids over in Eurorack land offers cz-style oscillator models, but yeah, that’s not really comparable. FWIW, I heard the Axoloti has recently been updated with some of the models from Braids, maybe that could be a 65€ way of getting phase distortion in HW format :slight_smile: not that that’s a competitor to the micromonsta, either, just interesting what you said about phase distortion models.


Oh yeah, forgot to consider eurorack; there are definitely options there. I no longer dabble there though; too much of a money pit.


How do you find the flashback TC electronic?


This thing sounds great! Would allow a nice poly counter to my MnM!


It’s great, although I don’t think I use it at its full potential, as I only use it for the mb33 and almost always the same preset. Having it midi synced makes it very easy to fit


when is the next batch due to be ready? i have some ££££ for you :sunglasses:


The current batch is not sold out, they are sometimes listed as backordered because my ready to ship stock is usually low but backorders should move out in a couple working days.


order placed woohoo


You’re gonna like it :beer:


yup, can’t wait should be alot of fun


Hey @Supermows I am also ready to give you my money!

How long till the next batch is ready?

Or @elektrosamplist

(I don’t know which of you is the audiothingies guy :smile:)


@Supermows is a fan and does very nice demos.
@elektrosamplist is Audiothingies.


My excitement got the better of me.

It’s your fault for turning me in to the MicroMonsta to be honest!


I don’t work for audiothingies. But yeah, sure, send me your money. :slight_smile:


Ahah I’m currently resisting buying one :smile:


Haha yeah OK mate. Although I do have to pay £5000 I’m fees to access the funds.

If you can pay the £5000, once I have the funds released I shall send you your money, plus interest.

You can trust me. I’m a prince…


Pfft! What kind of drug pusher are you? Getting me all hooked and then not buying yourself?