Also very interested in this little fella, ever since it’s predecessor the P6 came out. What I am wondering most, is when you compare it to synths like the Blofeld, how does the programming workflow feel like? What killed The Blofeld (and a bunch of other synths) for me was the annoying and cumbersome menu-divy workflow. This one seems like it’s a lot more usable, with more encoders and no stuff that you have to cycle through one by one. But that’s just what I can tell from the demos.


Never used one but seems more elektron like in terms of encoder interface.


micromonsta is really easy to use .The blofeld is very hard time to get a good sound.
and the multitimbal is not really good.
For is what you get what you create .
Is not analo ,is not the same power but he can get a good one with one oscilo and use a sub .
and is you think the sound is low you can boost vca with a little a drive +12 db or 24 max no remember


@papernoise it’s like you say. Really intuitive and no menu diving at all (almost everything is one click away). And the four assignable encoders per preset makes it really comfortable. Btw, I don’t own Audiothingies :joy:


Does anyone use one in the UK and can recommend a power adapter? The one they sell with it is a euro plug and I hate having to use another adapter on top of those




Just use a minijack in the ground part to open the flaps on the socket, then you can cram a euro plug in. Been doing this for ages with no adverse effects.

I’m really tempted by the micromonsta but I already have lots of poly in my setup - JV2080, OP1, Reface DX, and I’m trying to minimise redundancy. Still, it sounds so good!


I will have multi-plug PSUs (EU/UK/US/AU) for sale soon, just need to update the shop…




Hey this is a standard 9VDC 2.1mm PSU, which is like the most common brick ever. You can get any of those multi-volt PSUs, just make sure to respect polarity and that it has enough mA


The Micromonsta seems inspired by the Mutable Instruments Shruthi. The Shruthi in turn was inspired by Waldorf (among other things).


It may seem, but it was not, I didn’t know the shruthi when I designed the P6 interface.


Well the P6 sure did look similar to the Shruthi UI-wise, just with encoders and more of them… plus I first knew about the P6 on the Mutable forums. That’s probably why I thought you’d have been inspired by it. I guess everybody in some way took from Waldorf (fortunately taking only the good parts and getting rid of the bad ones) or from other similar UI approaches. Or where did the inspiration come from in your case? Mostly just curious. :slight_smile:
One way or the other, I think this is a great approach for small synths, I love it on the Shruti, so I can imagine it being great on the Micromonsta as well.


I want to order a micromonsta next week when available, think the UK plugs will be available then also?


yes, I have them in stock


I don’t really remember, but I think I got inspired by the Matrix 12 (the screen + encoder thing)


Oh right, the Matrix 12 also had this UI pattern!


Hey, Dijon is in the place !
Thanks for dropping some knowledge, dear :thumbsup:


Apropros of nothing, I think last night I dreamt I had ordered a Micromonsta because this morning I was thinking “oh yeah, that’s coming.”

But it’s not. 'twas just a dream. Strange thing to dream though.


Will the Micromonsta be available again soon?


I’m slowly building some stock for next week.
Hopefully I’ll start taking orders again tomorrow.