Micromonsta 2

Kinda exciting!


Dang that sounds prettttyyyyyy good!

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From the Facebook post:

MicroMonsta: I get daily emails about it. The hardware design is finished. Firmware development going strong. It will be available this year, but I cannot really be more precise given the current situation.

It definitely has the MicroMonsta DNA, but is quite different at the same time, both at the hardware and software level.

It is easier to use and sonically the new puppy is capable of sounds that are out of MK1’s range 🙂

A few features to tease you a bit:

  • Bi-timbral

  • More voices

  • 3 oscillators per voice

  • Filter FM

  • Onboard (lush) reverb

And more…

It’s slightly smaller and will cost roughly the same as the previous model.

Take care

Very excited about this. I remember quite some time ago he had a small disclaimer on the website saying he’d do an MK2 at some point and I’ve been eagerly awaiting further details. Can’t wait to hear the first demos!


I wonder how much Micromonsta V1 will drop in price on the used market. Quite a capable synth, that can potentially be had for ridiculously low prices. Funny thing is that the controller developed by a 3rd party is more expensive than the synth itself.

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Isn’t that just a different faceplate for the Stereoping controller which is available for other synths as well?

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Eh I dont know I just work here.


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Eh, alright then! :laughing:

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I’ve got a p6 ( the pre micromonsta synth box ) which also sounds very nice.

I expect this new box will sound great too.

Interested to see what this ends up being.
Hopefully OLED with a screen saver this time (better viewing angles is better for me).

I bought mine from Scot here on the forums.

Since I can’t seem to help but tear down and modify everything I own, I experimented with a reverse white on black replacement lcd for the V1.

I’m going to make a little 3D printed frame to block the light on the sides.

I had to make an offset pin bracket to get the lcd pin holes lined up. I’m pretty sure he could have use the LCD I did but that would require moving the pins on the original PCB design to use the LCD. Maybe he just decided it was a good time for a V2?


I have an opportunity to buy an ESQ-1 locally but part of me just wants to wait and save my cash for the MM2. Hard to be patient! My GAS for a $4/500 wavetable synth is raging lol



Hahah I knew someone was gonna enable me on that one

Oscillators are debatable, but when it comes to filters analog > digital.

Except for when you wanna get some of that sweet z-plane action!

I hope the MM2 has some new and interesting filter types/configurations that weren’t on the MM1.

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I do miss those from my E-Mu days…

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Time for diving into Eurorack, I guess^^ Sorry, couldn‘t resist… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The site says “Filter FM”

yep, but by filter types and configurations i mean formant filter, etc. or a dual filter with parallel/serial configuration.

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Refreshing the page every morning…

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From Facebook, along with a few clarifications in the comments:

Hi guys, some MicroMonsta 2 news:
PCB production: will start within the next 2 weeks
Firmware: 90% finished (the wavetable stuff still needs to be implemented)
Sound design: the factory sound bank design has started and is doing well despite the hot summer we have here
Pictures / demos: when I have something to show, hopefully within the next 2 weeks
Release date: expected mid/end of October, although some things can go wrong and delay the release date - I’ll keep you posted.