MFB Tanzbär 2


yeah that is true but the Elektron MKII is 2x the MFB drum machines. Then again the new model MFB Tanzbar 2 will be almost as expensive as the MK2 version of the AR at 1200 bucks (989 euros) from the video I just watched. I already have 2 Elektron boxes so if I was to buy a third it would most likely be the Digitone FM box.


To compare an AR and a tanzbar isn’t really fair because they aren’t trying to do the same thing! The AR can obviously do SO much more than the tanzbar will ever be able to do. For me personally, sometimes I just want to have bread and butter drums and the tanzbar is perfect for that. I have an octatrack to get the kind of weird percussion that an AR might be able to do, and together they are amazing,


agree the AR is as much synthesizer as drum machine. The Tanzbar well until the new one comes out is more of an old school drum box.


If you only want the analog :drum: from mfb (or jomox) they have eurorack modules too. BYOSMI- Bring Your Own Sequencer Mixer and Interfacing.



I’d choose an Alpha Base over the Tanzbar 2, But I do like the Tanzbar 2, the color too. Have a Rytm MkII…


I’ve been eyeing up that alpha base. Seems like the reputation of Jomox sound is very good; their reputation for bugs and sequencer not so good.

It’s a lot of money and the YouTube stuff on it at the moment is unconvincing.


There are no real bugs, v1.25 firmware has sorted everything- at least on my machine. I also own a TZ mk1, it has a beautiful, “woodier” tone. But the dynamics dont have the same punch as the AB and sometimes the mix out can sound quite muddy (if not taking the individual outputs).


That’s good to hear about the AB; I think it’s the own I’m putting money away for even though I haven’t really admitted it to myself just yet.
Without wanting to hijack this thread, what are the negative elements of the AB in comparison to the TZ?


Isnt like the alphabase 1700$ or something ?
The interface looks even worse than the tanzbar. But yeh soundwise they are different beast.
From demos i like both for differents reasons.
Its different variety of apples. They an coexist and have purposes. Do you want to eat it raw or make a schtrudel ? :smiley:

Who buyed/preordered the tanzbar 2 ? I’m looking forward for indepth videos with workflow.
Also the blue look is pretty ugly but so is the screen and i can defo deal with it. The alphabase isnt that beautiful either


I love the way the Tanzbar 2 looks but it’s all personal opinions. I think blue is nice for a change. People complain about screens alot but as long as it does its job and is backlit, I dont mind that either. I was lusting hard after the Alpha Base but after reading tons about OS problems and the fact that Jomox doesn’t exactly have a staff to do repairs, I think I’ll pass on that. Plus it’s really expensive and only has one or 2 analog voices… I’m gonna preorder the TB2 as soon as I’m living at my new address in a week or so.


I have been very disappointed with MFB and so,d my dominion club…it was full of bugs, didn’t work as advertised (preset loading etc) and even the cc mapping was wrong and nothing got fixed or even acknowledged…It’s realy put me off MFB stuff.


This would put me off buying , I perceive the club as being simpler than this new device , if it still has issues a year after release and they’ve moved onto another device , it doesn’t give me any confidence in their ability to fix issues , even some basic things.
Issues like this can very quickly impact a companies reputation and future sales , it’s always worth looking through various web forums to find the reality of how each synth performs , it’s very unlikely to be found in synth ‘reviews’ in magazines or websites. Though it can sometimes be just one or two customers mixed with user error.


This is still an ongoing issue for dominion club owners. That’s why you see some owners selling them for 400US on reverb and ebay. I hope they fix it because I like the sound and the paint color. This is the reason why I pushed back on this machine too.


The Club is definitely idiosyncratic, as are most MFB devices, but it’s rapidly become one of the most-used and enjoyed devices I have. I may just be lucky, but the presets (once their admittedly peculiar ways are learned) present no particular problems, and it just sounds so good.


What OS is yours by the way? 1.2?1.3?1.4?


It sounded pretty good, but I never got the presets to load or save and once I knew |I couldn’t map many of the cc’s I just gave up half way through building a software editor for it (as did many people looking at the thread on Gearslutz)…there are so many good and inexpensive devices at the moment (I sold it and got an IK UNO synth for under 200, I personally thought it sounded better and it cost half as much…and the editor/cc works :-))

Its a very competitive market for mono synths (Beringher Neutron, Model D, well under 300, UNO under 200) so MFB need to up their game, known bugs for ‘years’ (I had emails from, them regarding the cc control not working) and they just cant be arsed to put out a fix…I personally wont bother with them again, as if there was anything wrong wit the T2 I would have no confidence that it would be fixed (but I still believe in Overbridge 2 ;-))


Ok it’s not the best interface and maybe th CC’s are crap but I find the Club “playable” in the sense that it has enough knobagge in all the right places.

  1. Mix level for each of 3 OSC
  2. Morphable multimode filter plus cutoff, res, env
  3. Sweepable analog & digital OSC shape
  4. Most secondary functions are 1 easy shift away

The preset system works for me every time, never had an issue. To get back on topic, I’d say give MFB a chance - the original Tanzbär interface was horrible but I’m guessing we’ll see some improvements.


Just put in an order for one of these beautys on thoomann site only place in stock. I guess I will be a beta tester since it is a small time company and there’s still no manual available.

I’ve never tried the original but this new box looks close to a full fledged groove box. Honestly if it could sample stand alone I’d say it would be a better drum computer than the Digitakt.


Hey twofax, I’ll be hot on your heals depending on your feedback here. Very interested in one of these. Give us your thoughts as soon as you can!


Certainly will do!