MFB Tanzbär 2

980 euros. Not bad.


Jean Fricke and his dad Manfred present a new drum instrument at Superbooth 2018. – The Tanzbär 2. It features analog as well as digital voices. Besides drum generators, there are three sample players and a FM synthesizer voice. On top of that, there is a multi-track step sequencer with classic layout. A pattern can be up to 64 steps long. Each track can have a different length. Thus, polyrhythmic results can be easily created.


In detail, the Tanzbär 2 features the following instruments:

Two kick voices
Two snares
Three toms / congas
Three sample voices
Two crash variations
Closed hi-hat
Open hi-hat
Clap / Perc 1
Rim / Perc 2
Ride / Perc 3
The second generation of the Tanzbär will be available in summer 2018. The price will be 980 Euro (including 19% VAT).


Considering selling the tanzbar for this one! Interested to hear some videos of it. 64 Steps is really nice.

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Looks like an alternative to the Alphabase


When I saw an alphabase goes for 2000US and a used Neve Shelford channel goes for 2600 I was pointing in the Neve direction. Alpha base does sound good but so does this drum machine. I remember 2 months ago it was 1799US. I could still buy this machine and go on holiday too.


If this will sound right (and it will, I’m pretty sure it will) I’ll get rid of the RYTM and OT in a heartbeat and I’m gonna be “Elektron free” finally.

Sooo many good stuff around…


This one’s on my radar now. I have nothing but love for the MFB stuff. A groove box from them is a godsgift.


We need videos!


Yea A big Sister for the Tanz1! Or a second Tanz 1 as people will sell them to get the new Tanz 2 :nerd_face:

Maybe I can grab a cheap Tanzbär1 then :smiley:
The demos always sound huge


Sounds great as is, imagine processing goodness. Have 1 hooked up seperate outs to mixer so since day 1, could imagine a second as module for spd sx

I have the feeling they didn’t change the fiddly handling of the sequencer. That’s one reason why i sold my Tanzbär.

yea i hope the sequencer has been reworked. twas a bit fiddly indeed.
looks dope tho :slight_smile:

Maybe fiddly. But damn, their take on p-locks is bleeding lovely.


Same here, hated always forgetting those button combos!
Loved the sound of it though…

Not a good sound demo, put here it is :neutral_face:

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Sounds shithouse.
But what demo doesn’t at these shows :thinking:

dope! liking the demo jam, despite the bad audio.

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Yeah , I hear you, was 90% confirmed to get my hands on The MFB Tanzbar 1, then see this Mk2, like the drag and drop samples idea also, just hope the analog section is as good or better than the Mk1 ???

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They are very very rare indeed. Most sound really terrible

I don’'t care much for aesthetics, but I have to admit I liked the old look much more.
that beeing said, specs sound really interesting

unfortunately this video isn’t very good either - line sound, but pretty horrible pattern