MFB Tanzbär 2


Despite the shaky quality of these demos, you can hear it’s the Tanzbär character taken to the next level.

I f*****g love it.


I’m interested to hear what the second snare sounds like, and If you are losing any sounds going from the first tanzbar to the second. I am pretty fond of all the sounds on the original. I can see why they decided to do another snare. I think the original snare sounds really good, but it’s not quite as immediate as something like a 909. Lfos on every sound is pretty cool!


It comes with a single oscillator bass synth that you can de tune. Mmmmmm


Yeah, that’s pretty cool too. Hopefully the bass synth has a separate out!


Is there some kind of competition at superbooth to see who can give the most shittely sounding demo?

Or are the parties too good and is everyone too tired to do a decent demo? :wink:


Been wanting to get some actual hands on time with the Tanzbar drum machines. Unfortunately not one store in California even carries the product line, why? If they are so great you would think more USA stores would have them in stock instead of Roland, Elektron and Arturia drum machines.


They’re a bit of an acquired taste. While the sounds and features are top pro, usability and to some extent build quality is more well-meaning than great. Though the Lite, the Maus and the Club felt like an attempt to level up.

As far as analogue drummers go, the Tanzbär is like a Moog. All sweet spots, yet full of character.


My Mfb dominion 1 is built like a tank. Tanzmaus etc seem to be really well built as well. I think they are doing good in that department at the moment.


Yes, I think the first Tanzbär batches maybe were the last of shaky MFB build quality.

Whereas Elektron’s doing it the other way around and starts out strong in the late 90’s and then iterate their way into 2018 and a more laissez-faire take on assembly.

Sorry, I just had to go for it😊


The build quality is fine, and the sequencer is great too! Not sure what people’s gripe with the sequencer is.


I found it confusing with too many duplicate-function buttons. Used the earlier MDB drum machines, Tanzbär, and Tanzmaus Lite but could never really get used to it. Ways had to grab the manual when I’d been away from it for a while. YMMV

Sounds great though!


Had a littke testrun on superbooth. Not that impressive at the first sight. Missing some parameters to tweak directly. Bd for example has only attack, decay and pitch env. Hmmm


so do you prefer the AR MK2 over the Tanzbar and why?


Got some Tanzbär GAS again today.
So I was sitting down with my OT + norddrum 2 combo. GAS cured, at least for today :slight_smile:


Just a thought, but I noticed that the tanzbar 2 has 2 data knobs and 2 data buttons. On the first tanzbar there is only one data knob. I’m thinking that some of the missing parameters, like noise and pitch on the BD might be because you use the data knobs for those features. i doubt they would remove something like noise on the BD… I hope at least!


I am happy with the drums on my OT, Korg Volca Beats and A4 for now. Learning these new boxes keeps me busy not to gas too bad for an expensive new drum machine until much later.

That said it would be fun to get some hands on time on the Tanzbar machines one day.


walk thru of the tanzbar 2.


cool hopefully used B stock prices drop on the current gen Tanzbar models when this new one comes out! I actually prefer the looks of the old model and no screen so less stuff to break. But maybe they will offer new colors and not just purple. The new Tanzbar 2 looks cool in having more options and the tiny screen tho.


I will probably try to sell my T1 for 1000 Cad (650 Euros) or so


AR Mk1 or AR MK2 : every DAY !
Why ? it’s like comparing Drawbar Organ with a FM Synth. You can shape and coloring your organ sound with drawbars it still an organ, rather with a FM synth you can get pretty close to an organ and an infinite numbers of strange synth sounds coming from nowhere except from your mind.

Of course behind the organ, there’s probably a musician and he can put you in a travel with his melodies coming from nowhere and you lost yourself when he plays… Rather behind the synth there’s probably a nerd making noise and taking hours to shape one sound, one loop = and that’s not really a travel with a beautiful story… it’s more a shaman thing :slight_smile:

They pairs well with each other (that’s probably the key of the music futur anyway. Pairing skills for create something new - Fusion - End - Love.

the key on the AR MK1 is mixing externally its sample layers, same for the MK2 or internal mixing with resampling but people need to know how drum layering works it’s not easy… (exactly when appears ideally the notion of taming transients) at least to unlock the power of the RYTM as a drum machine. Because it can be also a music production station and that’s another story