MFB Tanzbär 2


Has it arrived yet?


Not yet. :angry:


I was considering hitting the pre-order myself.


Doooo it. If it holds its value as well as the first Tanzbär than you haven’t much to worry about reselling.



Hey peoplemuver, have you tried out the secondary parameters or the lfo? I’m either foolish how to operate this machine(took about 1/2 hour just to figure out manual sequencing) or the OS isn’t close to being complete. Most of the data 3 and 4 parameters don’t work or have a range I can’t hear. The lfo doesn’t seem to work and you can’t change the destination at all. I’m also not sure how to play different notes on the bass synth.

Are the sample slots fixed with the default samples until the sample transfer program is released? I looked on the mfb website without mention of when that will be released.

I will be patient though since it does have a nice sound and the analog filters sound great on the samples(even has a bp filter!!! But you can’t access it yet!)


I love to tell if I knew how, perhaps I could if i had a tanzbar 2 :smile: however it so-posed to arrive this Thursday, so the weekend ill bang on it see what i figure out.


When you’re holding down data knob 3 or 4 try the step buttons. That worked for me. Took a while too find though. I’m not 100% on how the lfo works yet but I’l
get back on the issue when I figure it out.


That sure does work. Interesting design choice.

I still haven’t figured out recording parameters in the sequencer. The man/trig button seems to revert the sound back to a saved state when pressed. The instrument sel button is confusing as well. As I understand the mantrig is held than the corresponding sound is pressed to select that sound.

Interesting how the machine is entirely in english yet the manual is all German. Still not deterred as this will go great with the Monomachine.


Currently trying to get hold of one of these. There’s certainly a bit of a demand outstripping supply at the moment. Mind you, early units of machines these days often have a few things to iron out yet. However, I think I’d be a happy early adopter of the Tanzbar 2 if the opportunity presented itself.

At the moment, I think I’m looking at 6 - 8 weeks possibly.

I guess you guys who have the units already are happy with the sound even if the interface has its quirks?



Ordered yesterday!
4 weeks wait.
Looking forward to getting into it!


Stick to an analog machine and the rewards come with time. There will be ups and downs. Even with my yocto 808 and RYTM I don’t want to play at times but if you fall off get back on again.


Thomann? Not lusting. Asking for a friend


Gear4 Music. Com


Mine is on the way


From thomann or gear4music?




Any chance of a sample pack of some kicks and snares?


Sorry, not my video :slight_smile: No Tanzbär here