MFB Dominion Club

Yeah, mine neither, which is another weird MFB sort of decision. It would be nicer to have more than 99 preset slots in total, come to think of it, but 99’s a decent number to play with.

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Hi guys! I just jumped on a Dominion Club which I feel sounds great, just can’t get my head around how to load presets.
I don’t mean from other places, like the computer, but from itself.
I mean I did make a preset and saved it and just trying to load it, but it doesn’t load… :frowning: Is there a trick or something I am not doing properly?
Thanks a lot!

If I recall (as I don’t have mine any more): Turn the “select” knob to 1, then use the value encoder to select the location the preset is saved to, then press the load button.

I’d suggest grabbing the manual from MFB if the seller didn’t include one.

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I did that and of course I read the manual… no luck.
It only sounds like it plays what the knobs show, like it wouldn t have memory…

Are you sure you saved the preset? By default the club comes with no presets. If I recall, saving presets was a bit more fiddly.

I am following what they say in the manual to save a preset and then I want to load it…

This thing either doesn’t save or doesn’t load… how is it?

The P00 preset uniquely reads the knobs actual position. Try saving to another slot besides P00 (like P01, P02, etc)

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I did. This thing is total garbage. Too bad it sounds nice… :frowning:
It either doesn t save or load or both. The resonance knob doesn t do nothing too. I will sent this piece of trash back… I said to myself before I will not buy another boutique synth but didnt keep that promise… :frowning:

You can actually assign how much resonance is applied by the resonance knob, this caught me out too. Check the section in the manual under “calibrating the resonance” or something like that.

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The led over LOAD button does turn on when you guys press LOAD? To me it doesn’t…

Please guys explain me with details how to save a patch.
Of course I read the manual, and of course I tried, but with no luck.

Why is this great synth so undervalued and nobody talks about it??

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Because people like yourself seem to be having all sorts of problems with it?


Is there anyone here who knows if the Dominion Club has the same system of parameter locks implemented as the Tanzbars and the Tanzmaus has? I personally like this way of working with p-locks even before Elektron’s method, and was reminded just how awesome this is when I scored a second hand cheap Tanzmaus yesterday. Now, I’m thinking, if the Club can do parameter changes like the Tanzmaus, I might have to pick one up.

So just to be clear, what I mean is the idea that you put down a trig, then tweak its parameters as the sequencer runs real time, and you can audition and listen to the changes live before you commit to these trigs. Since these changes apply to all trigs you lock down before you commit, you can try out lots of different beats and version of this particular set of parameter changes before you commit.

Love it.


Yes, I love that too about the Tanzbar! I do not know about the Dominion Club but I would like to know too! The new MFB Poly might have it, I am really fancying that one by the way… but that’s another thread.

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I know, right? MFB stuff is just one big sweet spot. Doesn’t matter how you tweak them, the result’s always useful.

I read up on the Dom Club in the manual now. As usual, MFB writes their manuals as if they’re aware they can hardly spell and make a thing out of it, which means they’re enjoyable in their own right but not always useful :slight_smile:

It seems, you can’t insert step sequences from the Club, you need a keyboard to do so. And you can record parameter changes, but only in realtime.

But again, I might be reading it wrong. But if I don’t, then I’m not sure the Club’s for me. I love the way you can really grow a track by using the p-locks in the Tanzbär / Tanzmaus style, and it’s one of the things that make MFB gear awesome.

Yeah, iirc from when I had mine it has motion recording, not per-step locking

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Thanks. Most likely a no go for me then.

I can confirm that there’s no parameter locking as described. It is just real time motion recording of the parameters that have their own controls. You can’t motion record any of the shift functions (I don’t think).
I actually really like the sequencer as a simple MIDI looper with motion recording. You can record and delete the motion for each parameter separately. Parameter locking would have been great though.
I have fancied a Tanzmaus for quite a while now!