MFB Dominion Club


as in the manual stated, one can record a motion-sequence

what is interesting for me is if the values for a certain step are morphed to the next step?

this little beast could be a good replacement for my Moog MiniTaur


Yeah, the motion sequencing slides between parameter values. It’s not stepped like the Digitakt.

You have to get your timing pretty good when pressing record on the Dominion Club to record a motion sequence.
It only records on the first pass of the sequence after pressing record then switches back to playback. If you press record just before the end of the sequence, the sequencer immediately switches back to playback and doesn’t record the parameter movements.
Sounds a bit fiddly, but it’s fine once you get used to it.

I wasn’t sure how I would like the sequencer on the Club, but it is surprisingly useable.


I’m speculating there is a new model of the club coming out and it will be announced either in Namm or Messe.

Here are my suspicions: slashed the prices of this unit on Black Friday and now you can’t reorder it on their site.

I’ve been checking everyday since then for a reorder link and nothing. Usually when musicstore sells through inventory there is a back order button.

Let’s see what the V2 looks like


I sold my club as it was never working properly…., I reported the bugs (midi mapping wrong, pre-sets not loading/saving etc) and they just said’ yeh we know!) It was never fixed and it never worked properly, I won’t buy MFB again.

After I sold it I bought an UNO for half the cost and it sounded a lot better and had a VST editor…go figure!


Yeah that was my experience too. sound was good especially for bass (when the oscs were tuned) and the tweakability was great despite the small size, but MFB’s support was really terrible, and the bugs were getting annoying, so I traded it in for a Moog Grandmother.


Ironically I only bought one as I couldn’t get an MFB Dominion (always out of stock when I have the funds!), if nothing else it killed my GAS for the Dominion 1.


I hope they release a desktop version of the Dominion 1. I want to sell mine just because it’s big and heavy, the sound and features are just great.


The Dominion Club is definitely idiosyncratic, but I’ve been lucky with mine and had no significant problems. The incorrect cc mapping is unfortunate though.


What exactly is wrong with it? Any references?


I tried to make a VST controller for it in CNTRL when I had it and several of the key cc is the manual didn’t work (digital wave selection, digital morph and several other from memory…I wrote and asked what they should have been (assumed it was a misprint) and they said it was a bug- I waited he best part of 8 months and sent a few emails requesting status of fix and got nothing back so gave up…


Did you ever try the latest OS update to see if the bugs were fixed? I haven’t installed it yet.

EDIT: oh right, you said you sold the Club…


That sucks. I’ll see how things stand once I get mine back; I just sent it to MFB for repair because its USB port wasn’t working.


Isn’t that basically a Dominion X, from which the Dominion 1 was developed? Not in production now, mind.


They are similar, but the X has less patch points, no AD envelope, less filter modes etc. I would be great if they make a desktop unit with the extra stuff of the 1 or even more.


Good point about the patch points in particular. A Dominion 1 module would be great, especially for me as I have plenty of keyboards already.


How warm is it its sound? Also how flexible is it in making usable(not weird) sounds?


Seems pretty good, especially if the fifty MFB presets [which had to be uploaded] are anything to go by. The FM osc can add noise as well as brighter digital sounds but can also be turned off. The two sub oscs add plenty of depth.


U can t write ur own presets directly to it?


Yes you can. @DoS just meant that the factory presets don’t come preloaded (or they didn’t when I had mine), you have to get them from MFB and load them yourself


great question…love to hear other use than acid lead.