MFB Dominion Club


Who got to play with it at superbooth?


sequencing this one with op-1 looks pretty nice. would like to know/ hear more of it!


this was a nice surprise and sounds good though i’ve been thinking of trying out some dreadbox things.


this one was really good, wanna try it!


I’m pretty excited for this one. It’s cheap, small, has the Dom1 sound, USB host (!) responds to CC…


Dude I forgot about this one. Oh yeah Dom 1 sound in a small package next to the octa or my push. Nasty vintage for only 519 euro not bad.


Yeah that filter sounds amazing, and it’s ready to be abused by a barrage of plocks. Hopefully coming soon, was hearing end of summer?


I remember hearing they are a 3-4 man operation. Don’t rush greatness. Summer isn’t over might as well enjoy the sun before you get a hold of this thing in the fall.


I live in Scotland, what is this ‘sun’ you speak of?

Fair point though!


So gear4music are taking preorders for this at £438, estimated delivery August 5. Very tempted.


This or the SE-02? Decisions, decisions…


I just checked Thomann no preorder on the item yet. I’m from the states. I’m willing to wait.


It’s really win-win for either synth. Both are amazing sounding. Dedicate yourself to one synth and try to write songs around it’s limitations.

Right now I’m in no rush to get this synth because I’m focusing on designing with my prophet 6 and jupiter 8v. OK I maybe a hypocrite so this will get bough immediately and collect dust for a while, but the case color alone has me drooling.


The manual is up

looping envelopes! glide on the sequencer! 2op FM on the third oscillator!


This is the feature that I like most.


yeah that also sounds cool. they must have changed the faceplate a bit as well becuase I don´t see a ´dig bitred´ button anywhere.


The sequencer doesn’t seem fun to use to me at all though. I’d probably never use it if I had one.


It doesn’t seem too terrible - no mention of how many steps, but it seems almost identical to the OP1’s Endless sequencer, which I guess is not so different from something like a 303 or 202. Actually I can see the OP1 being a good companion for this thing, because with the USB host functionality you could just plug right in.


I prefer being able to freely move around and edit the steps with some type of visual aid. The Roland SE-02 does a wonderful job of this with the lit up step buttons. The MFB would be great to sequence with the Digitakt though.


wow skimming that manual is enough to know I would absolutely hate the UI of that thing