MFB Dominion Club


Thanks for the details. I wonder how packages their stuff


Oh this little box is a killer


It does lack the fm/RM capabilities of the dominion 1. Only reason why I won’t be getting one as those are the two most important things for me live :slight_smile:

It’s a very cool little box though. Not much can compete at that price point.


Dave what’s RM? I wish I had keyboard rack space for a DOM1 but the only solution is to get another 3 tier rack…hahah


:smiley: maybe get a higher rack? :wink:

RM = ring modulation. Dominion 1 has one analog and two digital ring modulators. Really great. The combination of FM, RM and sync gives really cool possibilities.


Dominion Club has FM for the third oscillator and has XOR as well! The state variable filter is really tasty as well.



What’s XOR?


XOR is ring mod via osc 1 and 2.



Oh yeah you are right! My bad :slight_smile: should’ve read the manual :slight_smile:

Hmm, does make it more interesting. Although it is a bit fiddly, I love how compact it is


Good combo right there tanzamuas and club


I ended up ordering another one of these from Juno again earlier this week. I told myself I’d get the Toraiz AS-1 instead (which I did), and that would be it for me because I have too many mono synths. But who am I to tell myself when I have too many mono synths. I obviously don’t, considering I bought this in actuality. You don’t often find synths with a morphing analog filter, and bit-crushed digital FM oscillator.


Did you call or order through the website? When is it shipping to you? I’ll be in Bulgaria and Greece in two weeks. If I see one at any of their music shoppes then I’m buying it and hoping i get a VAT stamp. I have a prophet 6 already I can play in mono mode. This dominion club is a different beast. Any word on the Jomox bro?


I’ve been seeing them occasionally pop up every so often on their site. You just gotta keep checking. They had 2, and I was tempted to order both. Juno seems to be getting them sooner than everyone else. Jomox is a big mystery to me. I keep thinking it will be soon, but I’ve seen some places advertise December for expected ship dates.


Just for the record:

I have 2 Dominion Clubs
They are VERY fun in combo with both the MPC live and digitakt. Especially the digitakt because of p-locks. Very full CC implementation is very much appreciated, as is patch storage.

If there’s ever a dominion poly I will be ready to buy it in a heartbeat.

Oh, and I was concerned about all the little buttons but I assure you that the club is very quick to get things done with only a max of 2 button presses + a knob movement to set values. I got very comfy with it inside and out within a couple days. I don’t use the sequencer, but it is literally the only feature I don’t use. I have too many sequencers already, and nothing beats the elektron sequencers anyway imo.


A DT controlling 2 Dominion Clubs mixed through the DT’s audio inputs sounds like a very enjoyable thing.


Yeah I love mine, and for sure an MFB poly would go straight on my GAS list!

One thing I’ve noticed with the Club is that program changes are not quite as snappy as would like – it introduces a short gap while the new patch is coming in (maybe 1/16th).


How do people rate the Dominion Club sound in terms of warmth?


I’ve heard many discouraging things bout these boxes like osc detuning etc. Have yours been doing OK all till now?


It’s been quiet on Gearslutz about this box lately so that’s a good sign.