MFB Dominion Club


I did! It’s on my list. Big fan of the Tanzbar, too.


Weird, it seems pretty intuitive to me. For anything not on a primary knob, you just hit a button and turn the ‘value’ encoder. No submenus or diving. I guess it might be annoying to have secondary buttons accessed by the shift key, will have to test it out.


You preordered at gear4music already ?


Nah they keep moving the date so I’m waiting for it to actually become available. Don’t like the idea of £430 being pulled from my account at some random time outwith my control.


I’ve always loved the sound of the Dom 1 since I saw the Sonicstate review a few years ago but I’ve never quite got round to making space or pulling the money together for one.

When I heard the Dominion Club, I though that’s the one for me!

Then I wasn’t sure after seeing the close up photos. The interface looked a bit fiddly with all those tiny buttons.

Now after reading the manual, it all makes sense. I want again!
I think they’ve done a pretty good job condensing the interface down to that size and keeping everything very accessible.

The sequencer seems very usable. The real time recording and overdubbing into the sequencer makes a big difference. I’m not so keeen on having only Step time entry if it’s not editable.

I’d love to hear some more demos when it surfaces, but I think this might be my next synth.


I think the sequencer is up to 128 steps. (Page 24 of the manual - Step Length)


Must fight pulling out my credit card


I just impulsively ordered one that Juno had in stock because bit-reduced FM filtered with that analog notch filter has got me like :heart_eyes:


Please report back!


Looking forward to hearing your thoughts! (and maybe a demo?)


Me too!!!


Someone else’s demo.


Prints when is yours coming?


Probably in 2 weeks or so. That’s how long it usually takes for Juno to deliver my stuff to here in the US.


Edit: double post.


That’s already been posted. Mine arrives Wednesday.


Oops, had a brainfart there. Let us know how it is.


It arrived today, and I dig it a lot. Went straight for the digital oscillator, and I’m really liking its character. The bit reduction sounds great imo. When programming notes into its sequencer, you don’t hear any notes as you play them; not a big fan of this, but probably won’t use it much anyways.

Unfortunately, I’m packing it back up though. It looks like some sort of sharp object pierced the box, and left a little dent (paint damage) to an edge of the unit. I’m pretty pissed/annoyed with FedEx. Gonna go through the long process of waiting for a replacement. Sigh.


I kind of partly blame MFB too though. The boxes they use are very thin. The last time I ordered something made by MFB was the Tanzmaus when it first came out, and it arrived with barely any packaging to protect the unit itself, and the on/off switch was broken. I didn’t even bother ordering another one after returning it.

They used a much higher quality on/off switch this time, and a bit more bubblewrap, but they really need to invest an extra buck or two for thicker boxes imo. Or use an excessive amount of bubble wrap inside.

I’m so disappointed.


Just wanted to include some more pics so anyone interested can get a good idea of how thin these boxes really are, and how scant Juno’s additional packaging is.