MegaCommand // MCL 4.51

MegaCommand // MCL 4.11 :rocket:

Hi Everyone,

The MegaCommand is open source hardware designed to enhance the Machinedrum’s sequencing and sound design capabilities.

After many months of development and testing, we proudly present MegaCommand Live (MCL) 4.0.
The firmware has been produced alongside the MD X.05 OS.

When connected to MCL, the MD now has access to a third editing mode beyond Classic and Extended, termed Enhanced mode.

Enhanced mode fully integrates the GUI between the two devices. All MD editing commands can now be used to seamlessly program and control the MCL sequencer and navigate the MCL GUI.

In 4.0 we’ve reworked much of the MIDI and sequencer code. MCL now outperforms the timing and groove of the MD.

Thanks to a helpful testing team, a number of bugs and GUI inconsistencies have been fixed.

We have updated some terminologies and workflows to better align MCL with the MD design.

Please read the Changelog and updated User Manual before uploading the new firmware(s) as there have been a number of significant changes.

A summary of the Enhanced Mode GUI integration can be found in the first few pages of the manual.

MCL 4.11 Download

MCL 4.1.x User Documentation

You can read more about building your own MegaCommand here:
MegaCommand Design

Or buy one pre-made:

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MCL/MDX Discord


Yes!!! :smiley:thank you j & y !

Fantastic work! Maybe i Will keep building units longer than planned, since i Still have 20+ pcb’s left!
Thanks so much for the effort!

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So where can I buy this and at what price?

edit: Oops sorry I was too excited to see the link in the OP…

Again, i’m in awe of what you guys managed to accomplish with the Md and mcl together. Only scraped the surface so far, but WOW is my spontaneous response. Looking forward to dive deeper!


Well this is actually so impressive …

It’s like the MCL and the machinedrum are the same machine now… We don’t even need to use the interface on the MCL anymore. It’s like … whoaaa

Every little feature I wanted on the Machinedrum are here now. The GUI on the MCL 3 was still it’s weak spot because of the back and fourth between the two machines. Now it’s gone and we can fully enjoy all it’s feature within the MD itself. Brillant !

I just updated both machine, and every time I tried something I was like “no way pressing rec+play will enable rec on the MCL”, “no way trig+left/right will enable microtime for that step”, “no way pattern selection will change rows on the MCL grid” …
And everytime It f***** did !

Congratulation guys ! It’s just awesome !


Time to start soldering my MCL kit I guess. :laughing:

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so what’s the story, the mcl just has to be connected and u can do track lengths / trig conditions etc directly on the MD?


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Yep … :open_mouth:

The MCL is a midi sequencer/controler for the MD and now thanks to the “enhanced mode” the MD becomes some kind of a super controller for the MCL … the integration is very very deep and fluid.

So the usual workflow of the MD ( P-lock, record mode, scale menu, etc) stays the same but instead of programming the internal sequencer your are actually programming the MCL sequencer (with all the new fuctions)
And those new functions are even reflected of the MD screen and leds. Like microtiming for instance, trig conditions, track lenght. Those new features are implemented the same way as they are in other elektron boxes so it’s all very logical and natural if you are used to the OT or Rytm.
New shortcuts are added for thoses new functions so in practice you don’t have to touch the MCL very often…
The MD and MCL pattern system is now melted together and you can use the best of both world without touching the MCL. The normal linear pattern system of the MD control entire rows of the MCL grid system ( via the bank button and A-B-C… system ) but you can mix and match those pattern thanks to the MCL slot system ( via the load/save system and the trig buttons ) … :sweat_smile:
A few deep functions are still only available on the MCL hardware like the routing page, the mixer page or the sound manager, but all the sequencing options now fully integrate on the MD.

That’s quite an achievement…


that’s pretty epic.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I was somewhat interested in MCL since the MD polysynth videos hit Youtube but didn’t think it was worth it for me. Now with these updates it’s “I must have it”. I’m a student again and not working so will have to sell something to cover the cost but damn I must have it, there’s no other option :blush:

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Have you had any luck finding pre built MCL’s? I’m UK based and a complete moron when it comes to electronics! Hope you’re good :ok_hand:

also “shift entire pattern left/right” which is such a fresh feature i’m not even sure if any of the other machines do this. (might be wrong) but damn it’s enjoyable.


I also need to build a couple more for myself, and will probably build a few extras, but it will be a hot minute as I have 0 time at the moment.

Love your explanation!
I am full into building, but i wish someone with know-how would shoot a video of usage with cool current features. I would, but i know more of building than using it, sadly enough. :frowning:


I may do that in a short future as I have some spare time. Something simple, showcasing the interaction between the MD and the MC.


That would be awesome

Those using a megacommand, how much are you still touching the device or looking at its screen?
(still have to build my new ones before I can try)

That would be a great start just to win ppl over, a larger user base is needed and it will come automatically