Max Marco

@defenestration I’m not sure if you still use the octatrack but your YouTube videos are the reason I gave the machine a second chance. Now, I hold it as my favorite piece of gear of all time. I hope the pandemic has not effed up your groove. I’m writing this to express my gratitude. Thanks so much.


I agree! His vids were an inspiration for me as well. I especially remember loving the comb filter synthesis vid. All around cool dude


But he told us to NOT buy the OT! :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll just add my 2 cents and say that my experience was similar.
I was on the edge if the OT was really worth the money and his/your extensive videos convinced me it is, rightly so.

As @mrcrappypantson said, I hope the pandemic didn’t mess with your life and that all is good. Big thanks from me too!


I agree. I’ve learn’t so much not just about the Octatrack but also the Monomachine and Machinedrum. Thank you so much and I hope all is well.

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Thanks for that Post. I was just Yesterday thinking about max and scrolling through his vids on yt. Big shout out to him and his work on the machines. Hope he is doing fine too…

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This was his last YT video.

He was last seen here a year ago.

Pretty worrying… Or he managed to free himself from the Internet!


I want to know where he went!

When I (repeat) bought Octatracks it was alway Max Marco videos that I sought and watched before hitting the buy button.

I’m not a user anymore but I occasionally watch his videos and start wondering again.

I do hope he’s safe and well. Just checked his Patreon page and the last post there was March 2020.

I’m also starting to feel anxious about this.


Love those videos. Hope he’s fine and still hammering the boxes.

Joining the chorus. Show us a sign, please, @defenestration.
There’s a lot of love on these here boards!


Hope, he is healthy and well!

Really - miss his videos.
Especially all the silver box stuff.

For me, he will be MR. MACHINEDRUM forever!!!


His videos helped me dig in and understand the use of a lot of the functions of the octatrack. He taught me how, not just to use the octatrack, but to love the octatrack. I hope he is well. I know a lot of have had to adjust our priorities over the last year or so.

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Hope he is ok, seems like he last liked a comment on one of his youtube videos 8 months ago.

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I actually hit him up on Facebook back in September because of similar experiences/concerns… he said he had some life changes that took him out of the groove and needed to figure out a space to get things going again. Still hoping for the comeback!


The Machinedrum RULEZ!!! While the Analog Rytm…

Rules more?


Clearly somebody didn’t pay attention to the video… :slight_smile:

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He did, but also loves it. I found that vid pretty funny.

Yeah, it was one of those I watched before buying it :stuck_out_tongue:

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