Manifold - For The Octatrack (iOS App)


No official video, but in this thread I have posted a few videos in the past showing updates


Thanks, the problem is that on my iPad it shows an empty space with play logo in the middle but no video or anything else?

See post # 55?


Ahh yeah, I guess the videos were old and got deleted from Streamable. I will try to make another video after the next set of updates. Like I said before I don’t have my OT hooked up at the moment, but I will eventually when I add more features. The next updates are UI / bug fixes so I don’t need to do any OT tests.


Just purchased but when I launch on my ipad pro the GUI is all jacked up :slight_smile:


ipad 11 inch? I didn’t do layout for that in the last update, but it’s coming in next week’s


Its an ipad pro from a few years ago, thought it was 12.3, but could be mistaken. ipad air is looking ok so will use that for now.


Ok, well either way, the UI is being properly adjusted for larger sized iPads in the next update. Sorry about that!


Update Out:

  • Increased # of Snapshots
  • Added another Keyboard in Slices Mode
  • Bug Fixes
  • UI Updates, including improved support for larger iPads


Hi, tested on ipad pro12.1 layout is still not correct.


Just purchased. Using on the iPad Pro 13-inch.

For me the rew and play buttons are mixed up. The trigger play, I have to hit REW. The play button plays a split second of audio, and then stops. The OT’s play button then turns yellow.


Can you take a screenshot to show what you see? I only own a 9.7 and 10.5 inch, but it renders fine in the simulator and I’m using the same code as my other apps :[


If you look in the OT manual, these are the MIDI specs for the transport. This is what the app is sending out if you use MIDI monitor on it:

Seq stop A (33)
Seq Strt/Stop A# (34)
Seq Strt/Restrt B (35)

Play can function as a pause button (yellow play on OT), and restart will rewind and start immediately…it’s just the way the OT works and I have no control over it.


Does anyone have layout issues on their iPads? I would need a screenshot to see what exactly is going on as I can’t reproduce it.


Sorry about the delay. I didn’t mean that the buttons themselves are reversed — although maybe they are — just that their functions are reversed.


I was talking about d33psp33d’s post

Those buttons work as intended. The app sends out the MIDI I posted above. Hitting Play can also pause the OT and Rewind will rewind the playhead and start immediately, that’s just the way the OT works.

If you run MIDI Monitor on what the iPad is sending you will see I am sending the correct notes for the function.


Thanks for the reply. I thought it might be user error. Or rather, incorrect user expectations.



The ability to Save / Load Presets is almost done. I am just working on the UI for renaming them today. It should be out by next week.


Update Out:

  • Added ability to Save / Load Presets
  • Snapshots now save the Modulations as well
  • Added “Unmute All” and “Stop Fades” functions to the Function View
  • Added “Add” function to the Modulation View
  • Bug Fix: selecting “Rand Mutes” would also trigger the “Loosen” function
  • Minor UI Changes


nice update!
what about midi port selection?


I need to work on that next